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Funny Photo App Snaps Pics of Friends Faces Opening Your Pics (Video)

Capture your family and friends’ reactions with Reactr, a free funny photo app. This simple Photography app snaps a reaction photo of your friends and family when they open your sent pic. Reactr will then provide you with a candid picture featuring the look on their faces when seeing your photo for the first time, and that look could be priceless!

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YouTube Video Link: Funny Photo App Reactr iPhone App Review (Demo)

Reactr is a rather ingenious Photo app and Social Networking app mashup that lets you have some fun when sharing photos. The app is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is select a funny, stupid, scary or “over the top” photo to send to a friend. And this application does the rest by snagging a picture of that person’s face when looking at your sent picture. There is the option to add a line of text to enhance your photo’s impact, and you can save both the sent pic and your reaction photos as well. Users must agree to sharing their reaction, so this is not an automated process, otherwise there would be no women using this app.

I had some fun with this funny photo app as you can see in the screenshots below. Okay, so I hammed it up a bit but the reactions are real, especially the Miley Cyrus one.

Watch the Reactr iPhone App Video to see how this fun and funny photo app works. Reactr is also available for Android devices in the Google Play App Store.

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