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Ready ToDo – Easy ToDo Manager with Cool Drag Tool

Ready ToDo (by ReadyXtion) is a simple iPhone Productivity app that provides a really fast “todo” entry feature, a cool drag tool that allows quick access for up to 4 “todo’s” at once, group lists, iCloud Support, and much more. With a plethora of “ToDo” Productivity apps available for the iPhone, you would think there couldn’t possibly be yet another one with any unique value — Wrong! That is the beauty of apps, there are always new ideas to make an app idea even better, and in this case, it is a minimalistic Productivity app with a super quick “todo” entry interface and a unique “drag” or “snap” tool that allows you to quickly access your up to 4 “todos” in various areas (All, Completed, Today, or Groups).

There is added functionality when using this tool and accessing your todo’s, such as moving a todo to another group, deleting it, and checking it as complete. And you can always enter into edit mode to change a todo when in one of your todo queues. Ready ToDo keeps the confusion down to a minimum unlike many other todo apps that require reading instructions or spending way too much time figuring it out. If you’re looking for a “snap quick” todo manager, this one may be just right for you. A few other features that may seal the deal are iCloud integration to keep your todo’s uniform across your devices and a variety of regular todo features like custom groups, alarm functionality, and other settings.

This iPhone Productivity app was super easy to get up to speed on and only required around 5 minutes of my time before I had approximately 10 example todo’s entered. The “drag” tool, which I prefer to call the “snap” tool is a cool idea to allow for a unique way to micro manage your daily todo’s. There are not a huge amount of alarms nor other settings to get you bogged down with, but then again, if you’re looking for deeper todo functionality, this application does not go super deep. However, it keeps things super simple. Having a unique drag to access tool and super minimalist clean user interface, Ready ToDo is a worthy choice for those people who want to avoid over complicating their todo tasks and who prefer to keep it stupid simple and get things done.

For more information about this iPhone Productivity app watch the Ready ToDo iPhone App Video Demo.


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