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Real Basketball – Awesome 3D Free Android Basketball Shooter (Video)

Real Basketball is an awesome free basketball game for your Android! This 3D basketball shooter has 6 different game modes, online multiplayer game modes, loads of uniforms, basketballs, courts to unlock…and extras!

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Real Basketball is a basketball shooter, kind-of-sort-of-like the arcade game but better. This Sports Game has a load of single player game modes that can be played in easy or hard difficulty. The only difference between the 2 difficulty settings is the on-screen slider assist, which is missing in hard mode. Real Basketball also has great online multiplayer gameplay that has super fast server connections, letting you beat or get beat by other players around the world. And, you can also easily play this game for free, even though it is a freemium game.

Overall, Real Basketball is a really fun free arcade basketball shooter game that requires no in app purchases to play!


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