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Real Racing 3 – Magnificent Car Racing Game (Video)

Real Racing 3 has been well worth the wait, unless you’re only 12 years old. Real Racing 3, now a freemium game, features 900 events, 45 cars, officially licensed tracks, incredible graphics and something called Time Shifted Multiplayer! Electronic Arts (EA) with the huge help of Firemonkeys development studio has finally released Real Racing 3 for the iPhone, iPad and Android. But, if you’re 12 or under you’re not supposed to be able to play. All players have to check the EULA (end user licensing agreement) stating they are 13 years of age or older. Whatever! Back to the racing! Currently there are over 900 events (races). The race game modes change through each cup: first to finish, timed, drag, and lots of other racing game modes that make this game awesome.

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There are also 45 different “real” cars that can be upgraded in a number of areas. A very nice visual feature is the ability to view up to 22 cars when on the track. Just sick! Obviously, the move to freemium was a business move and one that will make Electronic Arts a bunch more money than selling this game for a set price. They also have the option to add content to this game instead of having to reinvent a new Real Racing title each year. Real Racing 3 is currently the best mobile game bar none for iOS or Android OS.

YouTube Link: Real Racing 3 iPad App Review[powerpress]


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