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Real Time Battle Game – Wars Online Defend Your Kingdom

Take on opponents “real time” from around the world in this online battle game as you defend your castle in the recently updated (and now Free) iPhone and iPad game — Wars Online – Defend Your Kingdom. This 2D real-time RPG action game lets you go head-to-head in single player, multi-player game modes, and provides unlockable items to increase your army, as well as cannon fire power. This is a simple game of strategy, timing, good aim, and focus as you pay attention to your opponent’s pile of gold. This game is a whole lot of fun to play and can be played alone or with others globally, from a rather fast online match gameplay lobby.

There are currently 6 stages, each featuring 5 increasingly difficult levels of single player gameplay (with a bonus level), as well as multi-player game mode, but you must level up to each stage to access these single player and multi-player game modes. Leveling up is done by defeating your opponents in battle. You start each level out (single or multi-player) with a specific amount of gold and you will earn gold for killing enemies. You only have certain battle units available, which all depends on your Stage that you can spawn for battle — and each costs gold. You also have a cannon in all multi-player gameplay and most single player levels that you can shoot a variety of cannonballs at your opponents. The trick is to determine what recipe of soldiers and cannon fire power will beat your opponent. You will have to have at least 1 unit to breach your opponent’s castle — so keep an eye on your gold. You will also want to master the cannon, which is fired using touch controls to raise/lower and to determine power. Certain cannonballs travel farther than others (the wind is a factor in targeting) and you can blow up your own units, which I did very effectively.

Wars Online – Defend Your Kingdom also provides additional battle units you can unlock, as well as cannonballs and other features. This game is an engaging online multi-player game that allows you to take on the whole world, but you must devise a strategy based on your available battle units, your opponent’s skill — and gold supply. Watch our Wars Online – Defend Your Kingdom iPhone App Video Demo for a look at how this 2D real-time RPG action game plays.


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