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Free, Pirate Real Time Strategy Game For Android – Arrr! (Video)

Pirates! Showdown Full Free is a free, action-packed real time strategy game for Android. Weigh anchor and prepare for 75 levels of real time strategy and pirate ship battle gameplay through 4 worlds with numerous difficulty modes.

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This real time strategy game will challenge even the best gamers. Each level starts with you against the enemy, a tenacious computer opponent. The object of this pirate-themed real time strategy game is to capture 1 of your enemy’s towns.

You do this by sending ships that you build using gold resources. Your gold producing capabilities depend on your town and whether you have upgraded it or not. Also, ships can only sail in lanes and once launched they go as far as they can (enemy islands) unless destroyed.

Pirates! Showdown Full Free has a lot of gameplay and difficulty modes, which really get hard fast. However, this game could benefit from better graphics, but for free, there’s no complaining here!



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