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Recall – Reminders: Good Idea, But Not There Yet!

Recall – Reminders for Recommendations is an iPhone Productivity app that is supposed to tell you when a movie, app, book, or TV show is coming out. But in fact, this application is really nothing more than a variety of iTunes’ affiliate feeds and Rotten Tomatoes’ movie/DVD information that is organized around a “reminders” app, which is not connected to any database that will provide you any “real value” for the functionality this app claims to provide at this time. The app is bucketed into 3 main sections: My Items, New Releases, and Top Charts. Let’s start with New Releases, then Top Charts, and will return to My Items.


The New Releases section features 57 returns, both movies and DVD’s in This Week, Last Week, and Upcoming sections. Tapping on any movie provides either a link to purchase the movie/DVD in iTunes, if it is already out, or you can simply tap on the “Remind Me” button in the top right and a reminder is created in your My Items tab to be reminded on the day that this movie comes out (default time or reminder 9:00 am). Here’s the break down for the 57 returns on movies: New Releases This Week – 20 DVD’s to be released, 13 movies coming out Last Week – 5 movies came out no DVD’s, and Upcoming – 15 movies coming out up to the week of November 2, 2012, and 4 DVD’s coming out up to February 2013. While there appears to be some relevant information here, there is also a bunch of stuff missing — like other DVD’s to be released by February 2013. Other than the Music category, which shows a total of 5 upcoming albums up to November 16, 2012, no other categories have any “upcoming” data. The Apps, TV Shows, and Books don’t have any upcoming items, and Apps probably never will because of the tremendous amount of data it would require iTunes to update ever so briefly. The Top Charts feed is basically an affiliate feed for 20 to 30 of the top charting music albums, movie DVD’s (there is no movie theater “top charting” information), Apps, Books, and TV Shows — and that is it. I save the best for last — the My Items tab, which is the central part of this app and what you are paying $0.99 for.

In theory you are supposed to be able to add any Music album, Movie, DVD, App, Book, or TV Show to this queue so you can be reminded of when it comes out. Here’s the rub: unless the upcoming item is included in the miniscule (extremely small) results for the categories in this app, which allows you to place in your queue, all you are able to do is create a generic reminder for yourself, which you can do for free with the iPhone native Reminders app. Confusingly, you can search all categories (Movies, Music, Apps, Books, TV) for your favorite musician, movie, DVD, app, book, or TV show, but all you can do is add them to your queue, create a reminder date and time (if that is your desire), and I guess on said date you will get a reminder — but this will not be for any new release. What a fail.

Basically, for $0.99 you’re getting nothing of real value in the current state of development for this application that you could not get for free — in fact, you will probably get a headache for your money and that is about it. Yes, the idea is very cool, but the results are pretty horrible. I began cutting a video because some of the bigger blogs like 148apps, AppAdvice and others touted how awesome this app was — and it is top-charting for the Productivity category. I began to test the app and found it to basically be so bad that I stopped the video recording and am now trying to warn others to beware that the so called “big blogs” are hocking an app that they apparently have not tested. There are a number of people who will go out and spend $0.99 based on Christine Chan’s blog post for this app that would have you think it was the best app since sliced bread.

It appears that the bigger blogs are continuously sacrificing by placing content up in mass amounts as opposed to creating quality content that actually helps people. No consumer wants to be potentially scammed into a bad purchase because of 1 line fluff that the big blogs love to provide, apparently more than actually opening the app and diving in to see if it even works. Oh yeah, that takes too much time and nobody really cares, right?. We do and would warn you to stay away from this app until it is updated with a better quality of functionality for the problem it is supposed to solve. It’s a good app idea — it’s just not there yet!

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