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Reckless Racing 2 for Android – JamPacked Racing Action! (Video)

Reckless Racing 2 (by Polarbit) has more cars, more customization, more everything in this follow-up to the original Reckless Racing game, and is now on the Android platform including 40 individual challenges in Arcade mode, 12 different cups in Career mode, not to mention Quick Race or Multiplayer game modes.

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Game Overview

Reckless Racing 2 has much more game content than the original game. The first game had some tracks, different cars and a modest 3 single player game modes. Reckless Racing 2 has leveled up and in a big way. The Cup Series is huge with loads of races in each of the 12 cups and the Challenges are awesome, featuring 40 different races with different cars in each challenge, track, etc. Multiplayer, which I tested, worked very well and allows you to now take on the world.

Reckless Racing 2 is a whole lot of fun and is jam packed with racing gameplay.

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Reckless Racing 2 Android Game App ReviewReckless Racing 2 Android Game App Review

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