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The Rego App Bookmarks Places, Moments, Life!

Create, fantasize, and explore the world with the Rego – Bookmark your favorite places iPhone app. The iPhone is a marvelous device and every new app seems to give more cool technology.



The “Rego Bookmark your favorite places” Lifestyle app lets you bookmark places using the GPS or map. The cool part is that the bookmarking can serve for a variety of purposes. You can capture travel memories, “want to” travel hopes, or mundane things like the GPS of your home. Each GPS Rego bookmark appears on a map snippet, can have images, and notes associated with it. Now you have a diary, note keeper, and more in what you thought was just a location/place bookmarking app.



Equally useful, your bookmarked places can be opened in Apple Maps or Google Maps. This is a very nice productivity feature allowing you to get directions quickly with the a few finger taps. There are also collections, which allow for grouping of your GPS locations. This also allows you to have separate places for things like boring work places and more exciting ones like travel places.

There are a few bummers with this app, but they are really not that bad. This app is free and provides 10 GPS bookmarks, which may work for most of us. You can bookmark places, then delete them, staying under 10 total and continue to use this highly functional app for free. Or you can spend a paltry $0.99 and unlock unlimited GPS bookmarking. The in app purchase to unlock unlimited GPS bookmarking is not a hard cost to pay for such a useful app. The other issue I have with the app is the way you add locations other than where you are at. I easily added where I was at with the “+” sign, but when I went to add other places I had to use the map. Using the map would not be a big deal if I did not have to drag around the globe inside the small box provided to find a location. I looked, but did not find a location search box, but I assume this would be an easy addition to this otherwise very well done application.



The Rego GPS bookmarking app is more than that, it also doubles as a note, diary, map, and productivity app. It’s a great app find!

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