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Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show iOS Game, Silly Fun! (Video)

The Regular Show character, Rigby, is at it again in the new iPhone and iPad game called Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show. This whacky Games app features Regular Show characters from Mutant Fridge Mayhem like Rigby, Muscle Man, has 2 game modes, and plenty of twisted power-ups.

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There are crazy power-ups in this game activated by combo point collecting and by avoiding damage. Some of the insane power-ups are Muscle Woman (Staria), the Baby Guardian, the Unicorns, among others. This Endless Runner game has 2 game modes: Level (20) and Endless. The gameplay is fast in this game for each level and if you avoid damage you will activate power-ups consistently. Also, the difficulty increases significantly as you pound your way through the Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show game. And, you will be taunted as you play to 3 stars for each level.

Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show is another classically whacky iOS game that provides lots of silly, awesome fun.

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iPad App Review for Ride 'Em Rigby - Regular Show AppRide 'Em Rigby - Regular Show iPad App Review

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