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Rent The Runway App, Rent Designer Dresses At 90% OFF Retail Prices!

Rent Designer Dresses for less iPhone App

If you have a dressy event coming up but have nothing fabulous to wear, don’t fret because the Rent The Runway app has got you covered – literally. This iPhone Lifestyle app offers a huge selection of over 75,000 designer dresses and accessories that most women can only dream of wearing. Fortunately for all the fashion conscious women out there, this dream is a reality because you can rent these designer dresses, handbags, jewelry, and more without blowing your budget.

Rent The Runway App Is A Dream Come True

Thanks to two smart business women, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, the cofounders of The Rent the Runway company, your “what to wear?” dress dilemmas are a thing of the past. Now you can be the Belle of the Ball at your next social event.

Not only can you order just about everything you need for your next big occasion, the designer clothing items and accessories can be rented for 90% off their retail price! And if that isn’t exciting enough, these brand name gowns, jewelry and other accessories are delivered right to your door for a 4 or 8 day rental period. But what if you’re unsure about the correct dress size you should be ordering? No worries because RTR gives you the option to have the same dress in a second size sent along with your order for free, ensuring that you get a great dress that fits.

And if you’re having a tough time choosing between two favorite dresses, order them both. You can rent the 3rd dress for only $32.50, as long as it’s a dress of equal value to the one you rented. And just when you didn’t think things could get any better, with the RTR service, there’s no need for you to dry clean the dress or pay for return shipping. After your rental period is over, simply ship back the dress free of charge and the dry cleaning will be taken care of for you on the other end. And, as an extra bonus for first time RTR users, newbies get a $25 discount off any order over $75.

Rent Designer Dresses At Big Discounts with the Rent The Runway App

Wear Big Name Designers

This iPhone app should excite fashionistas everywhere. With 75,000+ designer items to choose from, you can wear some of the most famous names in fashion without breaking the bank. Easily browse and shop your favorite designers using an A to Z list that holds the names and collections of 200+ designers for your shopping delight. Some of the fashion designers you’ll come across are Antonio Berardi, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, David Koma, Kate Spade, Lela Rose, Marchesa, Nicole Miller, Oscar De La Renta, Paul Smith, Sophie Teallet, Vera Wang, and Versace.

Not only can you rent the best designer dresses, designer jewelry and accessories for all occasions, but Rent The Runway also sells slimming, body shaping undergarments to make those body hugging dresses look fabulous. This collection of intimate shapewear is plain but includes well known brands like Spanx, Commando, and dMondaine. You’ll also find strapless bras, stick on bras, breast lift tape and more intimate items to compliment those plunging necklines and backless dresses. And to help you pull your look all together, RTR also includes items like shoe pads and a limited collection of makeup/beauty products by Lancome and others for your convenience.

Browse and Shop Categories

There are a ton of great categories to browse and shop. Although there’s plenty of eye candy in all of these categories: What’s New, Most Popular, Dresses, Accessories, Essentials, Occasions, Weddings & More, and Designers, it may be quicker to find what you’re looking for by skipping ahead to the “Occasions” category first.

The Rent The Runway app makes it very simple for you to pick out the right dress that’s appropriate for the occasion. By using helpful categories and filters, choosing the right dress is effortless. The “Occasion” category includes the following subcategories for ease of use: B-Day Celebration, Black Tie Gala, Cocktail, Date Night, Girls Night, Graduation, Prom, Saturday Night Style, and Work It.

There’s even a special “Brides & More” section with these subcategories: Black Tie, Cocktail, Daytime, Destinations, For The Bride, Mother of the Bride, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, Engagement Party, Rehearsal Dinner, and Wedding Brunch. But if you have a fashion designer you absolutely love, you may be better off starting in the “Designers” area where you can browse dresses and accessories by that specific person to get your perfect look.

Or browse the “Feature” category to see what’s new, what’s in season this time of year, as well as to get a peek into the featured designer’s collection. You can also get some extra help selecting a dress by checking out the “Recommendation” area. By answering simple questions, this dress renting app will recommend designer dresses based on the occasion (Black Tie, Cocktail, Night Out, Daytime, Anything Goes categories), your preferred dress length (Length: Long, Short/Medium, Mini, Anything Goes), whether or not you want to wear a dress with sleeves (Strapless, Sleeveless, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Anything Goes), have a preferred color (Black, White, Colors, Prints, Metallic, Anything Goes), and your size (0,2,4,6,8,10,12, 14,16).

There is no shortage of fantastic categories to steer you in the right direction. One of the great things about this app is that the hard work is done for you. Fashion experts select the appropriate attire for the various events and put them into event categories for you, which really takes the stress off you trying to figure out what’s socially acceptable and what’s not for each specific occasion.

Ren The Runway iPhone App Review

Other Helpful Features

With each listed dress you will find other useful information to help you determine if a dress is the perfect dress for you or not. The “Notes & Details” section gives a description of the dress fabric and dress details, as well as jewelry/accessory recommendations (which you will see worn by the models in the photos). Although the name of the jewelry is provided, there’s no easy way to navigate right to that item to look at it or order it if you like that specific set of earrings or necklace seen.

As far as I could tell, the only way to find the recommended necklace was to go to the “Necklace” category and scroll through the inventory, or hunt by designer name. Both are time consuming. If a link and photo of the designer jewelry was provided in the “Notes & Details” section, or alongside the model wearing the dress in the photo, it would really speed up the process and make it easier and more likely for women to rent these additional items – saving time and frustration.

However, along with each listed dress are other helpful features such as the option to see the dress on the model from 3 different angles, get size and fit info, and share the dress you’re excited about with friends and family via email or text. And as beautiful as these designer dresses look on the gorgeous, thin, and tall models standing at an average 5’10” height, that doesn’t give the average women a true idea of what that dress will look like on her. Which is why the reviews from real people/RTR users are great.

Reviews By Real Women

Each listed dress has a star rating and comes with real user reviews. One of my favorite things about the Rent The Runway app is the authentic reviews with uploaded photos by real women. They share their experience trying on or wearing these designer dresses. These photos give you and me a reality check to see what the designer dresses look like on everyday people. Since each review includes the reviewer’s age, usual dress size, height, body type, bust size, and weight, it gives you a practical way to compare yourself with similar reviewers to get a good idea of how the dress will look and fit on you.

I should mention that every featured dress also includes “Size & Fit Notes” to give you some professional advice on how the dress fits through the bust, waist, hips and length. Recommended undergarments are also provided for the style of dress shown. Along with fabric type, RTR also gives suggestions for the appropriate body shapes that the dress will work well for (Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Athletic, Full Bust, Petite, Straight & Narrow body types). These recommendations/suggestions are great, but be sure to read the real user reviews to help you determine whether or not the dress you’re considering might be too long, too tight in certain areas, etc., in your case.

App Review for the Rent The Runway App

How Much Does It Cost To Wear Designer?

I have to say that the prices to rent these stunning designer dresses and accessories are amazing. At 90% off, that’s a huge discount. One of my favorite red glamour dresses is by designer Badgley Mischka. The Rouge Rosalind Peplum Gown usually retails for $695, but you can rent it for only $70! And for only $30, you can rent a pair of LuLu Frost emerald inspired earrings that retail for $250. And as far as accessories go, a $325 clutch by Kate Spade will not only be a great conversation starter but will only set you back $15. And if you’ve always wanted to wear a luxurious wrap, you can rent a classic Hollywood white fox stole by Adrienne Landau. It usually retails for $1,495 but for you it’s only $250 to rent. As you can see, there are a lot of amazing designer items to get excited about in this mobile app.

Seal The Deal

And when you find that perfect designer dress, accessories and other items, you can favorite any of these items to add them to your “Shortlist.” Even your favorites can be categorized in your Shortlist by occasion type, which is great for quick reference and dress selection for future events. Once you’ve found the perfect dress (dresses), you can reserve your dress for a 4 or 8 day rental. RTR recommends that you select a delivery date that’s at least 1 day before your special event.

Although I’m not sure how much time is needed to get the dress shipped to you on time, reading the reviews, there were a few women who ordered last minute and were pleasantly surprised to get their dresses in time for their big day. To ensure no last minute surprises, you can also track your order. FYI, Rent The Runway also has a “No Regrets” Policy that states they’ll never leave you without a fabulous dress (that fits) to wear at your event.

Costs, Perks And Extras

In addition to shipping and tax charges, there is a small insurance charge of $5 for every rental that covers the expected wear and tear on these rental dresses. On the plus side, if you go “PRO” when ordering, you get free shipping, free insurance and a free birthday dress at the low price of $29.95 for 1 year. That’s a great deal.

Some other great things you should know. Rent The Runway also has a website ( in addition to the Rent The Runway app. And for those of you lucky enough to live in New York or Nevada, you can visit the brick and mortar stores located in New York City and Las Vegas.

Are There Any Negatives?

I had no problem using, signing in or during checkout, but did experience 1 app crash and couple of slow load times while using the app over a 3-day period. Other than that, the RTR app worked great for me. And as far as other mobile app users, almost all were extremely happy with the Rent The Runway app, amazing selection and overall service. But like anything else, there are always a few things to be aware of.

Make sure to read the rental agreement so that there are no surprises. Some other practical issues to consider: one user stated that she had to rent a steamer because the dress was a bit wrinkled from shipment; another user stated that she absolutely loved the dress and way it fit but there was some obvious wear and tear from previous users along the hemline. However, complaints like these are minimal, with overall app reviews being stellar. The Rent The Runway app has a 5 star rating out of 5 stars in the iTunes Store by 650+ app users.

Overall Thoughts

The Rent The Runway app offers a fabulous and practical solution to help women find the perfect dress for every dressy occasion. Not only does this mobile app give you the opportunity to wear stunning designer dresses and accessories that’ll make you feel like a million bucks, it’s an expensive luxury that’s easy on your wallet.

Download Rent The Runway App To Rent Designer Dresses At Big Discounts

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Developer: Rent the Runway
iOS Lifestyle iPhone Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 1.2.3
Rent the Runway
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 04/28/2014
Great iPhone app to rent designer dresses, handbags and accessories at big discounts!
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Co-founders Jennifer Hyman (Jenn) and Jennifer Fleiss (Jenny) met as section-mates at Harvard Business School, where over frequent girls nights, they became fast friends. During a trip home to New York City, Jenn watched her sister Becky struggle with a ‘closet full of clothes but nothing to wear’ moment. Becky had an upcoming wedding and wanted something gorgeous—Hervé Léger maybe, or Proenza—but her modest salary meant that everything high-end was out of reach. What if, Jenn thought, the Beckys of this world could have access to their dream closet – a new dress for every occasion? And what if designers were able to get their pieces into the hands of young, fashionable women and build an addiction for designer fashion? Cut to: Cambridge, Massachusetts, several days later. Jenn told Jenny about Becky’s dilemma, and, this being business school, they started creating a company.

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