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Repeat Timer Pro – Repeating Interval Timer (by Artem Lapitski) is a utility app that is a huge upgrade from the standard iOS native timer and features 3 individual timers, 26 alert options, as well as an intuitive user interface and attractive design. I can understand why somebody might not get overly excited about a timer application, but once you feast your eyes on this app you will change your mind. This app has 3 different timers that can run concurrently, each timer has interval, repeat functionality, and a number of different alarm tones, most of these would be considered regular or normal, but there are also some rather funny ones thrown into the mix. During my testing of this application, it worked “spot on” and opened my eyes to what was missing in comparison to the Apple native timer app that has no repeat, interval functionality, or even a seconds increments in the timer countdown.

Repeat Timer Pro - Repeating Interval Timer iPhone Utility App ReviewsRepeat Timer Pro - Repeating Interval Timer iPhone Utility App Reviews

The user interface for this application is ultra easy and requires no directions whatsoever, but if you need a little help, there is an information tab in the upper right that will provide you with some tips. An example of the ease of use in this app is to change the any alarm title simply tap on the title box and insert your own alarm name. I found this app to be perfect for checking my email — being very busy, I find that I am more productive when I check email on 3-hour increments. Other uses range from exercising, yoga, productivity, work, cooking, cleaning, baking, and the list goes on and on. Repeat Timer Pro – Repeating Interval Timer is an excellent timer app — and is clearly at least 10x better than the native iPhone timer. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Repeat Timer Pro – Repeating Interval Timer iPhone App Details

Title: Repeat Timer Pro – Repeating Interval Timer
Price: $1.99
Category: Utilities
Size: 18.7 MB
Developer: Artem Lapitski
Store: iTunes App Store

Repeat Timer Pro – Repeating Interval Timer iPhone App Download Link

Repeat Timer Pro - Repeating Interval Timer - Artem Lapitski

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Repeat Timer Pro – Repeating Interval Timer iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
NEW: 3 independent timers and custom labels!

“Repeat Timer Pro is the timer app that Apple should have included on your iPhone”
– AppAdvice ★★★★★

Still using the stock iPhone timer? Join 18,000+ users and upgrade to REPEAT TIMER PRO – a beautifully simple and universal timer app with a secondary interval timer and repeat functions.

✔ Primary countdown timer with seconds
✔ Interval timer that runs between main timer cycles
✔ Repeat setting to loop the timer(s)
✔ 3 independent timers with custom labels
✔ Gorgeous interface with animations & sound effects
✔ 26 quality alerts including 11 humorous sounds
✔ Runs in the background with sound and notification alerts

• Household timer for cooking, studying and more
• Exercise timer for interval training
• Meditation / yoga timer with gong & chime alerts
• Pomodoro Technique® timer
• Any repeating or interval timer use


“Execution is so close to flawless it’s intimidating…an absolutely gorgeous interface, perfect functionality, and simplistic controls”
– The iPhone App Review ★★★★

“If it were possible, I’d advise you to delete Apple’s timer altogether and replace it with this. It just works.”
– Macgasm ★ App of the Week

“A total, no-brainer replacement for the stock iOS timer…extremely quick to set up and use…an absolute bargain”
– The iPhone App Review (video) ★★★★1/2

See it in action at

✖ JAILBROKEN iPhone 3GS / iOS 4.3.X users: audio alerts will not work on your device due to corruption of the audio file support by the jailbreak. Support for jailbroken devices is not provided.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the app ☚♛☛!

What’s new

You asked for multiple timers – there you go!

✔ 3 independent timers (swipe to toggle)
✔ Custom timer labels (click to edit)
✔ Minor functionality improvements
✔ Enabled audio alerts in silent mode with headphones (details below)

Let me know what you think about the app in a review, thanks for your support and enjoy the update! ☚♛☛

Note: audio alerts with device in silent mode and headphones plugged in will work with app in foreground (phone locked or unlocked); if the app is in the background, vibration will be used in place of audio alerts.

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