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OpenTable Restaurant Finder App, Book Table Reservations, Earn Rewards

Mobile Reservation App OpenTable for iPhone

The OpenTable restaurant finder app can be lifesaver when you need to book a table fast, especially when you’re on the go. This iPhone reservation app features over 20,000 participating restaurants across the US, Canada and Mexico. And with a real-time reservation system, you’ll be able to quickly find a quality restaurant and set a table reservation without ever making a phone call. And since OpenTable comes with a variety of search features and category filters, you’ll be able to find the perfect restaurant setting for your next date, business meeting, or special event. So what could be better than that? Earning rewards points for dining out.

OpenTable App Details

You may not find every one of your favorite places to eat in this restaurant finder app, but according to the OpenTable website, “Approximately 28,000 restaurants” participate and use OpenTable’s restaurant management software. This system makes it very simple for people like you and me to locate restaurants, reserve open tables real-time, and earn reward points for dining at participating restaurants. The 24/7 system means that you don’t have to wait until opening hours to call, nor do you have to speak with someone before making your dinner plans.

Restaurant Finder App OpenTable iPhone Review
The first thing you’ll want to do in this restaurant finder app is create a free account. To create a profile, just provide your first and last name and an email address. Although you can explore the app without an account, to make a reservation and start earning reward points, you’ll need to do that. Another perk to creating a profile is the option to get newsletters from OpenTable for new restaurant openings, special promotions, and more.

How To Find The Restaurants You Want To Eat At

There are 3 different search methods in this restaurant finder app to locate your restaurant of choice.

1. Use the search bar feature (magnifying glass) to find restaurants by name, city, neighborhood or address.
2. Use the filter icon to refine your search to include distances in miles. You can apply category filters for Price, Special Offers, Categories, Neighborhoods and Cuisines.
3. Use the map icon to pinpoint restaurant locations on the map for you.

When using the search bar, a tap on the “Table for 2, tonight at 7:00 PM” bar will produce a spin dial that lets you quickly select the number of people in your dinner party, day of the week, and preferred time of reservation. Just enter in a city and all relevant searches will appear. You can book reservations the same day or if you need to book a table reservation months in advance, OpenTable gives you that option as well using a calendar. This is great feature for easily setting up your Valentine’s Day, Graduation and other special events in advance.

Mobile Reservation App OpenTable Free for iPhone

With each restaurant listing comes helpful information, dress code, menu options and reviews to help you determine if a restaurant meets your expectations. Most listings include a photo of the restaurant, but these are way too small to be of any real value. And when available, there are food plate photos taken by other users, allowing you to see what the food really looks like. Another nice feature is the ability to favorite restaurants and put them in your “Faves” list for quick access next time.

Another nice touch in this restaurant finder app is the option to add special requests and notes for the maitre d when placing your reservation. And once you complete your reservation you’ll get notification that “You’re all set.” Then you have options to add the reservation to your iOS calendar, invite friends via email (with directions), and get directions for yourself via Maps. OpenTable also makes it very easy for you to change or cancel a reservation within the app as well. Whether you’re booking a table and canceling a table, OpenTable provides you with an email confirmation each time.

Get Extra Perks in this Restaurant Finder App

One of the best things about OpenTable is earning reward points through the OpenTable Dining Rewards Program. This is a frequent-dining program that lets you earn points for making reservations either on the website, some participating affiliate sites, and the mobile app, of course.

To earn your reward points you have show up on time for your reservation, check in with the maitre d, and dine as usual. Your reward points will start accumulating on your account. Interestingly, eating at some designated restaurants will earn you a 1,000 points in one visit. To easily find these 1,000 point tables, make sure you look under the “Special Offers” filter when searching for restaurants to dine at.

Make Dinner Reservations with Your iPhone

And once you get enough points, you can redeem them for an OpenTable dining cheque. You can use these dining cheques to pay for meals at OpenTable member restaurants. And if you’re an administrative professional (administrative assistant, travel planner, recruiter, hotel concierges) in charge of scheduling and making appointments for others, you can really rack up some reward points on your account.

OpenTable does have rules and regulations for keeping your account in good standing and for earning your reward points, so make sure you check out the app’s Help and Support in the profile area. I browsed through the FAQs and found that OpenTable does a great job of explaining and answering all your questions in this section.

App Overview

OpenTable for iPhone is a fantastic and convenient reservation app for finding and booking a table fast. I found a lot of great restaurants I’d never heard of. But on the downside, you can’t access the app content without network or WiFi connectivity and not all restaurants participate. However, once you download and use this iPhone restaurant finder app, you may find it hard to live without.

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OpenTable, Inc.
iOS Food & Drink App, Free, version 6.2.0
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 02/13/2014
Awesome mobile dinner reservation app!
4 / 5 stars

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