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Resurrection of Jesus And Alternate Theories,Resurrection iWitness App

Learn About Jesus Death and Resurrection App

Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of oldest topics up for debate, and has led to the development of other theories that explain away the Resurrection Theory. But which one of these theories is the most believable and trustworthy?

We all know that the validity of the Christian faith hinges upon the historical, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, but is there any historical evidence to support such a claim that Jesus rose from the dead?

Doug Powell, the author and creator of the Resurrection iWitness app thinks the historical facts speak for themselves. Using the bare minimal facts agreed on by the majority of New Testament scholars in regards to Jesus’ resurrection, this iPad Books app weighs 6 widely accepted facts alongside a variety of alternate theories to let you judge for yourself which of these theories makes the most sense based on the minimal number of facts presented.

Resurrection iWitness iPad App Review

Resurrection iWitness iPad App Features

The Resurrection iWitness app delivers a beautiful interactive scrapbook of information for you to explore, read through, and contemplate at your own pace. This is not an extensive app with hundreds of pages of information that’ll make you a religious scholar, but more like an interactive exhibit that lets you virtually explore the historical facts presented. You will find a relatively short and antiquated scrapbook of sorts featuring stunning artwork, images and photos, along with tattered pieces of paper, envelopes, books, maps and more to examine throughout. The information sources in this elegant leather-bound book include the Bible, non-biblical references, and Jewish tradition. Also, the direct Scripture quotations used come from The Holman Christian Standard Bible.

This iPad Books app has an excellent and smooth-working user interface that allows you to quickly dive into the content using the Table of Contents icon provided, or swipe left and right to flip through sections page by page. To enlarge images for easier reading, just tap on any of the page images. This also allows you to dig deeper into the multi-page documents presented in some of the graphics. And to make your fact finding mission more enjoyable, the Resurrection iWitness app plays calm, classical music in the background that leads you along at a comfortable pace as you explore the historical information and contemplate the theories and minimal facts presented on each page.

iPad App Review for the Resurrection iWitness App

What Are the 6 Minimal Facts?

The foundation of the whole app relies on these 6 minimal facts, which are presented alongside the different theories, along with other information pertaining to each topic under investigation. The 6 point check list includes only the most widely accepted facts about the death and resurrection of Jesus:

1. Crucified
2. Died
3. Buried in Tomb
4. Tomb Found Empty
5. Friends Saw Jesus
6. Enemies Saw Jesus

Before you walk through the minimal facts and different theories, you will travel back to biblical times to see what Jesus predicted about his own death, explore and read facts about the common physical effects of crucifixion, and discover some interesting information about the Shroud of Turin. Is this Shroud of Turin the actual burial cloth used to wrap the body of Jesus after his death?

You will then ponder the facts and dilemma of the empty tomb as you read what biblical evidence, non-biblical evidence and Jewish Tradition sources report about the empty tomb. This appears to be the biggest mystery and point of dispute – and where all the alternate theories come into play. Did Jesus really die? Did his followers know where to find him? Maybe the body was stolen, but by whom and for what reason? Was it all a lie that Jesus’ disciples were willing to support? Did Jesus’ followers and enemies really see him after his death? Is it possible that Jesus had a Twin?

Easter iPad App Review for the Resurrection of Jesus

These are some of the questions that give birth to the alternate theories presented in the Resurrection iWitness app. You can read and explore the 7 alternate theories for yourself to examine whether their points of failure from a historical, believability, and, at times, medical point of view seem plausible.

The Alternate Theories To The Resurrection of Jesus

1. Swoon
2. Wrong Tomb
3. Stolen Body
4. Legend, Conspiracy (Invented by Jesus’ Followers)
5. Legend, Development (Evolved Over Time)
6. Hallucination
7. Twin, a.k.a. Substitution

In between these alternate theories, you’ll get a very quick look at Jesus’ disciples based on the types of deaths they suffered and location of death on the Martyr’s Map. Another important piece to the puzzle lies in the significance of the Oldest Creed: 1 Corinthians 15: 3-7. What compelling statements and questions does it raise in regards to Christianity? Is there a shred of credible evidence that supports the incredible story of The Resurrection of Jesus Christ? Or is it the biggest hoax the world has ever seen? You’ll have to decide that for yourself.

iPad App Review for the Resurrection of Jesus App

Overall Thoughts

The Resurrection iWitness app is written by Doug Powell, a Christian Apologetist, and developed under the LifeWay Christian Resources name. Considering the religious source, one might be skeptical of bias towards the Resurrection Theory. However, Resurrection iWitness does a nice job of rationally presenting the alternate theories and historical facts on a high level overview that leaves it up to you to be the ultimate decider. If you have an enquiring mind, you’ll appreciate the Resurrection iWitness app for iPad.

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Developer: LifeWay Christian Resources
iOS iPad Books Application, Cost: $0.99, v. 1.1
Resurrection iWitness
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 04/22/2014
Explore the historical evidence for what happened to Jesus after his death using only the minimal facts accepted by the vast majority of scholars.
4.5 / 5 stars

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