3D Retina Wallpapers That Will Grab Your Attention

With more than 100,000 3D retina wallpapers to choose from, you’re bound to find a 3D image that will grab your attention. The 3D Retina Wallpapers iPhone app provides eye-catching wallpapers from all around the world giving you and opportunity to add some unique personality to your iPhone or iPad.

3D Retina Wallpapers iPhone App

Whether you’re looking for retina wallpapers that are cute, humorous, sophisticated, intriguing, or somewhere in between, you’ll find it in this iPhone Entertainment app that gets regular 24/7 updates to keep its retina wallpapers collection fresh.

Browse the large gallery to find your favorite retina wallpapers using 3 simple categories: Popular, Random and New. You can also share your favorite retina wallpaper images with family and friends via email and Facebook. And for some additional entertainment, you can turn your retina wallpapers into a simple sliding puzzles.

Retina Wallpapers iPhone App

3D Retina Wallpapers App Features

● Super fast loading & less memory consumption.

● Fast and easy navigation within App using swipe, pinch and zoom.

● Friendly search key to your favorite choice.

● Categorized Organization of Wallpapers.

● Unlimited downloads every day.

● 24/7 update so that you don’t get bored.

● Pixel level detail of Cool User Interface making your time inside the App a soothing one.

● Slide to enlarge image anytime

Come and share your favorite wallpapers with your friends in Face book and email. They will be begging you to ask for more of these pics from you!


All the contents are collected from different sources those doesn’t violate copyright law and the purpose of this application is fully non-commercial.

iPhone App Review for 3D Wallpapers App

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