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Retro App: Karateka Delivers Much Fun, But Lacks Content

The Karateka, Retro app, is a classic game that has been reinvented for the iPhone and iPad with slick touch-to--fight-game controls, but the lack of gameplay leaves me wanting more for my $3 bucks. Unfortunately, I had never heard of Karateka before (back then), which was my loss. However, I did finally download this retro app for my iPad; the only thing delaying me was the $2.99 price tag. The developer for the original Karateka game, Jordan Mechner revived this game from its original state and ported it to the iOS platform where the game fits perfectly into the technology for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



For those not familiar with this retro app, Karateka is a classic “beat’em up” game where you race from place to place trying to rescue Princess Mariko, fighting guards as you bash your way through Akuma’s castle fortress. This retro game provided immediate fun with very easy touch-to-fight controls that are exceptionally responsive. Your opponents at first seem predictable, but as you venture on you will find there are subtle time delays from attacking enemies that will throw you off ever so slightly causing you to take a bit of damage. If you take too much damage at one time you do not get to attack your opponent that round. This retro game now retro app is a whole lot of fun. You will play as 3 different players, accessing the additional characters after dying. While this game is awesome and a legend in the console gaming world, the price is just too high for the current iTunes App Store for the small amount of game content you get. The game can be played by any veteran gamer in around 10 to 15 minutes. It took me around 20 to 30 minutes while having fun and exploring the gameplay. This retro game has huge possibilities for cool new chapters to be added to its “beat’em up” gameplay.

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