Retro Arcade Classic “Streets of Rage 2” Fights Nicely on the iPhone

Streets of Rage 2 App Summary

-I have played a lot of “Streets of Rage 2” at the arcade in my day. This retro themed arcade and console game has made its way onto the iPhone and iPod Touch and it is quite a nice play. The game play is classic action fighter game play while progressing through ever increasing difficult levels of game play. There are boss battles, weapons to use, and power ups to find to increase your health and offensive capabilities. The sounds and graphics are clearly authentic to the game, which make this a real flashback to my youth as I played through the game. There are 4 different characters you can play as and there is a cool multi-player feature (locally) where users can play side to side in the app. A couple of negatives. The app is not sexy in presentation such as options and help or how to play and the price is a little ridiculous. I am guessing SEGA is going after the title and has the attitude that users will buy it at the inflated price of $2.99, when it would actually sell better at the $0.99 price point. Streets of Rage 2 is a very nice game for the iPhone, watch the app video here for an example of the game play. CM

Streets of Rage 2 App Details

Title: Streets of Rage 2
Cost: $2.99
Category: Games
Developer: SEGA
Store: iTunes App Store

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Streets of Rage 2 - SEGA
streets of rage 2 iPhone game

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