Retro Feel, Colorful, Different-Hummingz EVO HD for the iPad

Hummingz EVO HD apparently has some inspirational game design from the classic 80’s arcade classic, Centipede. But, Hummingz EVO HD has several twists that make this new iPad game title stand out from the classic Centipede game play. Hummingz EVO HD has power-ups and points that come from catching dead enemies. While psychologically catching the dead enemies take some getting used to, it is the fastest way to score big points and get additional shooters. Another huge difference and I mean huge are the boss battles. The bosses in this game are giant frogs, spiders, and the like. They spit little like enemies of the particular boss you are fighting and they throw mushrooms as well. The graphics in this came are vibrant and the game played fast with no lag or slow time.

Hummingz EVO HD App Details

Title: Hummingz EVO HD
Cost: $1.99
Category: Games
Developer: Stefan Preuss
Store: iTunes App Store

Hummingz EVO HD App Downloads

 width= iPhone App Store
 width= iPad App Store

Hummingz EVO HD ipad game

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