Dr Seuss Game, Play A Fun Seuss Instrument With The Dr Seuss Band App! (Video)

Dr Seuss Band is a fun and imaginative Dr Seuss musical game that will capture your child's attention for hours on the iPhone and iPad. One of my favorite days of the year is March 02nd, which is Dr Seuss's birthday. I guess it's because it brings back great memories from my … [Read more...]

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack – Fun LEGO Shooter Game, Free App!

Shoot your way through Makuhero City with Furno, Bulk, Breez, or Rocka as your sidekick in the LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack app! Any LEGO fan will appreciate this free iPad LEGO shooter game with its own unique theme. So what is the backstory? LEGO Hero Factory has a … [Read more...]

Seasons For Kids, Great Education App That Teaches Seasons Of The Year

Tizzy Seasons HD is an iPhone and iPad app that does a fabulous job of teaching seasons for kids. This Kids Education app will delight 2-6 year olds with 20 fun learning games that encourage imaginative play and outdoor activities for all seasons of the year. Toddlers, … [Read more...]

Stickman Game, Crash Cart Races Onto The iTunes App Store (Video)

Rev up your engines and get ready to "crash" your way through Crash Cart, a new "stickman game" for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Stickman Game Crash Cart iPad Video!- SUBSCRIBE>>   Stickman Game, Crash Cart Official Trailer for iPhone, iPad, and iPod … [Read more...]

Disney App Makes Learning American Presidents Factual and Fun!

This Disney app is hands down the most fun you and your kids will ever have learning about American Presidents and American History. Disney does what it does best, and that is entertain kids of all ages. But don't let the entertainment factor discount the educational value … [Read more...]

LEGO City Game – LEGO City My City, A Great Value iOS App! (Video)

Kids and parents will both love the LEGO City game, LEGO City My City, for the iPhone, iPad and Android! LEGO City Game iPad Video!- SUBSCRIBE>>   LEGO City Game iPad App Review and Gameplay YouTube Video Link LEGO City My city is a fun series of … [Read more...]

Aromatherapy Essential Oils App With 100+ Essential Oil Recipes!

Aromatherapy essential oils are one of the latest ways to naturally relieve stress, pain and other common ailments. But these healing plant oils go way back. All throughout history plants and their essential oils have been used to improve the physical, mental and emotional … [Read more...]

How To Learn Chinese App For Kids and Parents – Chinese New Year Words

You and your kids can learn some basic Chinese language and customs with the See and Speak Chinese: Chinese New Year app. This simple and fun how to learn Chinese app provides a festive glimpse into the Chinese New Year celebration with holiday-related photos, spoken … [Read more...]

How To Play Cut The Rope 2 Walkthrough Video Review for iPad

Find out how to play Cut the Rope 2 and get an overview of this fun iOS physics puzzle game. More Om Nom means more fun! Yep, Zeptolab breaks bad with 120 new puzzling levels of physics gameplay in new areas, introducing 5 new "Nommies" characters, cool hats, and … [Read more...]

The Weather Channel for iPad, An Awesome Free Weather App!

The Weather Channel for iPad is an exceptional, free Weather app that is packed with many rich features, including international weather information. Since the iPad doesn't come with a native Weather app, you're gonna have to find one in the iTunes App Store if you want one. … [Read more...]