Eye Vision Test App – 6 Free Eyesight Tests Reveal How Well You Really See

Your eyes are the window through which you see the world around you, but how good is your view? Find out with the Vision Test app by 3 Sided Cube. This iOS Universal Medical app gives you a chance to test your eyesight for free by taking 6 standard vision tests that don't … [Read more...]

Awesome Bible Verse Wallpaper App – 100s of Artistic Photos With Bible Quotes To Encourage You Daily

They say a picture is worth a thousands words, but when combined with the right words - the overall impact can be priceless. Which is what you may discover as you scroll through the bible verse wallpapers found in this iPhone and iPad Reference app. The Bible Verses: Pro app … [Read more...]

WebMD Allergy App, Doctor Approved Info And Relief For Allergy Sufferers

If you're an allergy sufferer, then you'll definitely want to download the WebMD Allergy app. This free Health & Fitness app gives allergy sufferers good reason to rejoice. That's because WebMD has packed it with trustworthy information and useful tools that'll help you take … [Read more...]

Funny Irish Jokes – iPhone App With Good Irish Humor And Hilarious Dictionary

As excellent storytellers with a witty sense of humor, you can always count on the Irish to tell funny Irish jokes that make people laugh and lighten a dark mood, no matter the situation. And laugh you will when reading through the variety of good-natured jokes you'll … [Read more...]

OneKey Pro – The App That Keeps Your Passwords, Data and More Secure!

OneKey Pro is an iPhone and iPad Productivity app that keeps your passwords, web logins, usernames, and other data safe and secure using 256 bit encryption. OneKey Pro features a friendly user interface, the ability to store your most important data in the palm of your hand, … [Read more...]

Spense Money Tracker App, Easy Peasy Money Tracking for iPhone!

The Spense money tracker app is a super easy way to track your money and spending without requiring a complicated budget. This free iPhone Finance app has quick expense/income entry, list view for expense/income, easy-to-read charts, and works on a customizable cycle that … [Read more...]

Monogram Wallpaper App For Beautiful Custom Wallpapers On Your iOS Device

There's nothing more "custom" or "personalized" than having your name or initials monogrammed on the things you love. And with the help of one of the best monogram wallpaper apps, Monogram It! - Custom Wallpapers and Backgrounds, you get to display your own special stamp on … [Read more...]

Duck Dynasty Game, Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards..Funny! (Video)

This Duck Dynasty game, Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards, is a funny and fun-to-play series of "redneck" mini-games that challenge you to become the ultimate "redneck." So you want to become a redneck? Well, you must first prove your “redneckness” as you play through 15+ … [Read more...]

Sushi Monster, Kids Math Game Makes Math Drills Fun!

Let's face it, for most parents, getting your kids interested in math drills is a tough sell. But Sushi Monster, by Scholastic, is a crazy and fun math game that's sure to grab their attention. This free iPhone and iPad Education app was designed for kids 9-11 years of age … [Read more...]

Visa 360 Cam, Winter Olympics App, See Through Olympian Eyes!(Video)

The Visa 360 Cam is a unique Winter Olympics app that lets you literally see through the eyes of Olympic athletes as they train for a variety of Winter Olympics sports. Winter Olympics App Visa Cam 360 Video!- SUBSCRIBE>>   Winter Olympics Action … [Read more...]