How to Type – Learn on Your Mac with Typist

If you don't know how to type without looking at the keyboard while typing -- then you need to learn how to type for real! Typing is not a difficult task to learn and can be a huge time saver for anyone who currently hunts and pecks for the correct keys while typing. Typist … [Read more...]

Wallble Lite HD Wallpapers Get Free Mac Wallpapers! (Video)

Wallble Lite – HD Wallpapers is a free Mac Lifestyle app that provides you a decent variety of HD wallpapers to personalize your Mac with, but this application has a few bugs your gonna have to deal with in order to get those free wallpapers. This Lifestyle application does … [Read more...]

Weather HD Mac App – No Other Forecasts Needed

Weather conditions have always been a source of fascination for me, and watching them in action is that much cooler. Since living in Florida, I have experienced my share of direct-hit hurricanes with my initial view of the imposing storms seen as brightly colored green, … [Read more...]

Pocket for Mac – Simplified Web Reading App for Mac Users

Read It Later has moved even closer to becoming the "Tivo" application for the web with the new Pocket for Mac OS app (along with other platform apps for iOS, Android and Kindle -- not to mention integration into 300+ other applications). I never got into the Read It Later … [Read more...]

TaskBurn – Burn Your ToDo’s With This Free Mac App (Video)

TaskBurn by Knert Consulting Inc is a simple yet very satisfying free Mac "todo" app that lets you quickly create grouped tasks out of virtual wood planks and once you complete a task you can listen to the realistic crackling fire sounds as you virtually burn it so … [Read more...]

TaskLog – Now You Know Where The Time Went!

Ever wonder where the time went? Mac users can effortlessly figure this out with the simple TaskLog Mac app. This Mac Productivity app keeps your time logged with a simple 2 click process. The app quietly sits in your menu bar and can be set to run on login, which I … [Read more...]

AirAttack For Mac – A Steal At Only $0.99 Video Review

WWII flying bottom-up shooter games hit a sweet spot for me and AirAttack for Mac, by Art In Games delivers the goods in this beautifully-playing shooter game. This game features stunning detailed graphics, 3 planes to choose from, and 10 large missions where you battle as a … [Read more...]

CCleaner – A Cheap Way to Make Your Mac Purr

CCleaner, a Mac utility hard drive optimization and cleaning application (by Piriform) has come to the Mac OS platform. This application has been cleaning up computer hard drives on the PC platform for some time now, but as of 02/20/12, the app is currently cleaning a Mac … [Read more...]

Battle On with Trenches: Generals — for Mac

Trenches: Generals is a war-style strategy game featuring a variety of battle units to beat back your enemy with, and now offers a Perk system that lets you upgrade your units and air support. Trenches is a wildly successful iOS game, and this version on the Mac is a nice … [Read more...]

Shuttie Mac Utility App..Shuts Down Your Mac And More!

Shuttie (by is an easy-to-use Mac utility app that does exactly what it says it will do, with the primary function of auto closing your Mac at a predetermined time that you set, and features a beautiful user interface. While there are other applications out there … [Read more...]