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Ripple HD – Virtually Chill Out with This Zen App!

Free your mind and unwind with the Ripple HD iPad app (by Two Teeth Technologies). This relaxing application is based on Zen meditation principles and features realistic water effects and music for a calming experience. If you’re involved in the digital world these days (who isn’t), then you probably realize how easy it is to become stressed out and overwhelmed by the many avenues of never-ending digital communication: Tweets, Status Updates, SMS, phone calls, Email, Inmail, and the list goes on and on. When you’re feeling a bit mentally taxed, you may want to take a breather and give the Ripple HD iPad and iPhone Lifestyle app a try. This application features a variety of visual and audio calming effects that can be set by you. The app opens with a stock or default image, which is totally Zen, but you can add your own photos if you find that relaxes you more, because after all, that is the objective. The sound effects in the app are drips, rain, and thunder, which you can set to your liking. The visual stimulators are the most prominent and include an interactive finger touch ripple effect, paint brush effect, several mediation pre-set effects, and more. One last notable feature is the option to have your own music brought into the app through your iPod, which can be selected using the musical note icon on the menu bar, if you want more then the standard calming sounds provided.

Ripple HD iPad Zen Meditation AppRipple HD iPad Zen Meditation App

I found Ripple HD to be very relaxing while I was checking it out. I guess it has something to do with the soft rain sounds, with a bit of distant thunder, combined with a water scene that calmed my spirit. For me, I need an app like this to relax me because I am plugged into a mobile device, the web, social media, or the phone at least 16 hours a day. If you are a busy person and can somewhat relate this this scenario, then you could probably use this app too. Watch the full iPad video app demo for Ripple HD below and remember, just relax. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Ripple HD iPad App Details

Title: Ripple HD
Price: $0.99
Size: 10.1 MB
Category: Lifestyle
Developer: Two Teeth Technologies
Store: iTunes App Store

Ripple HD iPad App Download Link

Ripple HD - Two Teeth Technologies

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Ripple HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Escape when you can’t unplug with water so real you’ll think you are getting wet!

WARNING: The relaxation effects of this app may result in reaching mind blowing states of enlightenment.

Reached #1 OVERALL ranking in the U.K.!

Use the app just 5 minutes a day to revitalize the mind:
– Relax
– Get grounded
– Achieve inner peace
– Stay sharp
– Focus
– Think more clearly
– Create and share

* Requires a camera (sorry iPad 1 users)

Ripple HD is now a meditation tool, a camera, a photo editor, and a music box all in one. And the only place you’ll find Sticky Ripples!

Perfect for anyone wanting to relax, unwind or think more clearly.

User reviews:
“Surprisingly fun”
“Soothing and restful”
“Very peaceful”
“Love the water sounds!”

Get grounded, stay sharp and achieve inner peace. Or simply use the app to help you think better and stay focused!

Based on Zen meditation principles, this app utilizes advanced augmented reality technology to deliver an unbelievably simple and effective mechanism to help you calm your mind.

Requires iOS5 and iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPad 2 or iPod Touch with a camera.

Enjoy, and thanks for your support!

Email for support.

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