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PREDATORS Game for iPhone and iPad…Gruesome!

The Predators game for the iPhone and iPad originally came out back in July 2010. This intense Predators game is a gruesome hack and slash game that epitomizes the Hollywood movie. In this game you are the Predator and your prey? People. You are hunting people with a vast array of superior tech weapons. As you play through this game you have to earn most “teach weapons” as well as upgrades to make your Predator more lethal. The Android version of the Predators game recently came out in November 2012 and features similar gameplay.


The iPhone and iPad version of the Predators Games app was updated last in May 2012, fixing some bugs and adding “It’s Trophy Killing Time,” which is the most gruesome Predator move, where an enemy’s head and spine are extracted using the Predator hand blades.

**PARENTAL WARNING** The Predators game for iPhone, iPad and Android is not suitable for young children, nor anyone else who does not want to see extreme violence, such as animated human bodies being mutilated and large amounts of blood. While blood can be turned off in the settings, you cannot remove the body mutilation.

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