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RoundR, Cool Little App That Rounds Android Screens

RoundR is a sweet little Android app that does just that, it rounds all your Android device’s screens. This app is amazingly easy to use, is free, and is lightweight causing no problems whatsoever on my Galaxy Nexus (Android OS 4.2.2.).

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Once installed, all you need to do is turn this app on and adjust the settings. RoundR works without having to reboot your mobile device, and works with all programs. Don’t be surprised when watching videos to see the actual video screen rounded.

Android App Review for the Roundr Android App

This app is open source based on Mark Wei’s library, so keep your eye on this trending app for more changes. As far as my experience using RoundR, pretty cool. The subtle and rounded edges provide a more comfortable viewing environment.

The RoundR app does 1 thing very well, it rounds your Android Device’s screens for a really nice viewing experience.

Roundr Android App Review

Roundr App Description

Introducing Roundr
Roundr is an application that rounds the corners of your screen!

Roundr features full settings which allow for adjusting the radius of the corners, as well as specifying which corners to enable or disable. With Roundr Extensions, you can customize the looks of the corners, and try out different designs!

Roundr Extensions add 10 new corner styles, blacklisting apps (to hide rounded corners on certain apps), and more!

Follow the development on XDA:

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