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RPS Rumble – Rock Paper Scissors – Alive on The iPad

RPS Rumble (by Continuous Integration Inc.) will make you want to jump into the ring with this wrestler inspired rock, paper, scissors puzzle game featuring 140 total levels, 7 different puzzle packs, and 4 difficulty settings that will challenge your mental strength. The tried and true classic game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” comes to life in a new iPad and iPhone game featuring animated “luchador” tiles for the game pieces (rock, paper and scissors).

While almost everyone has played this game at sometime in their life, you’ve probably never played Rock, Paper, Scissors like this before. The object of the game is to play by the classic game rules, which are as a follows: Rock crushes scissors, paper covers rock, and scissors cut paper, but with a bit of a twist. You have to end each puzzle, which consists of a variety of rock, paper, and scissor tiles, with only 1 game tile remaining. This is not very easy, and you’ll quickly find out that you must formulate some good strategy to crush, cover, or cut the various game tiles successfully.

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During my testing I checked out puzzle gameplay in all 4 of the difficulty settings (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert), and let me just say that for $0.99, you get your money’s worth for sure. The original game comes with 50 puzzles mixed between the 4 difficulty modes (11 to 14 puzzles each), but if you want more than that, you can purchase the remaining 90 puzzle levels for an additional $1.99. While playing, you will at one point or another become “stumped” just as I did, and when you do you can use 1 of the 2 free hints provided in the game, but if you want more, you’ll have to purchase a pack of 25 hints through in app purchase.

This game already has a load of content and replay value based on the large number of puzzles and 4 different difficulty settings for each puzzle. Each puzzle also has at least 2 ways to complete it, and in many cases, even more. For example, I played a puzzle and discovered 4 different ways to solve that puzzle, all of which are recorded for you and provide extra points and accolades for finding each unique solution. RPS Rumble is a freshly-unique, light-hearted and entertaining iPad and iPhone game that makes me want to don my wrestling mask and cape, and jump into the ring to solve all of the 140 puzzles — You? Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

RPS Rumble iPad App Details

Title: RPS Rumble
Price: $0.99
Size: 12.8 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Continuous Integration Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

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RPS Rumble - Continuous Integration Inc.

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