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Temple Run – Run For Your Life..Again and Again (Video)

Temple Run (by Imangi Studios, LLC) is an endless adventure runner that features 7 different playable characters, tons of obstacles to avoid, loads of power-ups, and all in a cool jungle setting — but beware of the monkeys! The backstory appears to be that you are running out of a temple from a group of irate monkeys that will eat you if they can catch you. This FREE iPhone game is a superb offering with excellent graphics, awesome changing backgrounds and endless sharp turns to navigate (not to mention tree roots, flames and what not).

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This iOS game is universal and plays astonishingly well on the iPhone, as it does on the iPad. While addicting, you don’t have to purchase any gold through in app purchase if you are persistant in your gameplay, which I am sure you will be — as I became. There are power-ups to help you run farther and faster, also to avoid obstacles and help you gather gold quicker. There are also a variety of unlockable characters to play as; although, none have any special characteristics — which is too bad and maybe an area the developers will want to change in future upgrades. Temple Run is hands down one of the best endless runner games for the iPhone or iPad — where else can you get great jungle themes, monkeys, and gold all in one app? For more iPhone video app reviews. Crazy Mike

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