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Run Sheldon – Fun, Family Friendly Endless Runner Game

Run Sheldon! is a fresh iOS Universal game based on a classic kids’ story, “The Tortoise and the Hare.” As we get into the action of this game, Sheldon is running for his life from an angry mob of hares, because of his victory in a race against these wily rabbits.

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You see, the rabbits apparently are sore losers and they are trying to stop Sheldon at all costs. Run Sheldon! is a subtly cool, family-friendly endless runner game that features a variety of game influences. The runner aspect, where there are platforms to explore, waterfalls to slide down, water to swim in, and the physics effects like bouncing mushrooms and more. This iPhone and iPad game is fast paced and fairly challenging.


As Sheldon runs his way through each area, hares run at him, fly from above, sneak up from holes, and disguise themselves as they try to capture him. These enemy bunny rabbits are not always as predictable as in many runner endless runner games. Some rabbits lunge at Sheldon unexpectedly, adding to the game difficulty. The gameplay is the same as all endless runners, you run to see how far you can go. If you get caught by the enemy hares, you can use earned coins to keep the game going. There are also utilities and power-ups to purchase with coins. There is an in app purchase (IAP) system if you want to buy coins.


Run Sheldon! is a fun endless runner game appropriate for young kids and big kids alike.

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