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Running Fred, Gruesomely Fun Endless Runner Game (Video)

Running Fred is running faster than ever on the Android after a recent update. This update fixed minor bugs, tweaked trap performance and added a new Fred character. The Running Fred game app has been around for awhile on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android mobile devices, but has been recently updated for both the iOS and Android OS platforms.

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What You Get From Running Fred Android Version

If you have never played this “endless runner” game it is a bit more gruesome than most. Fred bleeds a lot, especially when gets hit by large metal objects. Fortunately, there is a Gore button that gives you the option to turn off the “blood and chunks” that Fred becomes when he perishes. There are also 3 action packed game modes (Challenge, Adventure, and Survival) in this free endless runner game. I recently tested this game out on a Galaxy Nexus and it performed well, but had some lagginess, especially in the store area. The gameplay was mostly smooth, but overall a lot of fun.

Thanks to Dedalord, the developer, we are happy to provide you with Gift Codes below for Value Pack 2. But you better hurry because the codes can only be used 200 times. I have already used 1, which leaves 199. To use the gift code, tap on the arrow on the right side of the screen to access the Cheat Console.


Running Fred, Gruesome Endless Runner Android Review – Gift Codes


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