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I never gave the ability to speak English a second thought (mostly because it’s my primary and only language), until I checked out the iOS universal education app English Listen & Learn (4 languages, 800+ words), by This application helps Russian, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese language speakers learn the correct English letters and word pronunciations. The app is extremely easy to use and includes 800+ words that are spoken with the proper pronunciation for each of those words. Once the user selects his/her language (Russian, Arabic, Spanish or Chinese), he/she can then access the entire alphabet to select a letter to start learning the correct pronunciation for it. Once inside the chosen letter, there are a number of words that begin with that letter. Some alphabet letter categories have 40+ words and others have 10+ words to learn. The user will get the word, a picture, and the other language equivalent for the word and can swipe from side-to-side to access more words for that letter. There is also a quick-jump to other words based on the number of words for the letter, which can be accessed at the top of any selected word screen. There are a lot of words for speakers of the four languages previously mentioned to get acquainted with — by using the English Listen and Learn education app. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

ipad app reviewipad app review

English Listen & Learn (4 languages, 800+ words) iPad App Details

Title: English Listen & Learn (4 languages, 800+ words)
Price: $1.99
Category: Education
Size: 53.2 MB
Store: iTunes App Store

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English Listen & Learn (4 languages, 800+ words) iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
This App will help you to learn the correct pronounce for more than 800 english words, and for english alphabet. What you have to do is to choose the required letter and then listen to the correct pronounce by clicking on the word or on the letter. In addition, you can transfer between words smoothly. This App is very useful for all ages.

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