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Quick Math – Math Drills App That Even Adults Will Love

I’ve been patiently waiting to find a math drills app that would be challenging, fun and appeal to both kids and adults. Happily, I have found it in the Quick Math app by Shiny Things! This iOS Universal Education app has a humorous yet sophisticated simplicity seen in its minimalistic design, quirky avatars, peppy sounds and running stickman animations.



The Sakura Quick Math app will test your mathematical ability in 4 basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is a mixed operations mode that challenges you with random equations across all 4 operations. And to make it more challenging, each of these modes in the Sakura Quick Math app can be played in 4 different difficulty settings: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme. Start with Extreme if you want to laugh. It won’t be long before you go back to something more your speed, at least until you work your way up.

The only thing that could be a stressor for some is the old movie strip countdown graphics and “Boop-boop” sound (before each round starts). All modes in the Quick Math are timed, so it’s off to the races to beat your best completion time. I love the running stick man and joyous melody that plays at the end of each round. My favorite is when you beat your personal best time and your running guy does a little happy dance in a shower of falling confetti. You can share your results with others on Facebook or Twitter. There is even Leaderboard scoring so you can see other’s top scores and/or challenge others and earn achievements. You can even keep track of your own progress by viewing the bar graph chart provided.



With each math drill round you’ll see 3 math equations appear on the screen at a time and rotate upwards to the middle rectangle where you have to solve it. The rotation speed depends on how fast you solve the problem. But be warned, this upward rotation can be a little tricky on your eyes because they’ll want to wander to the next equation coming. One cool thing about this app is that you don’t have to just write your answer in the box provided, you can write it anywhere on the screen, and use a 2-finger swipe to erase.



This iPhone and iPad math drills app is suggested for kids 6+. Personally, I really enjoyed the Quick Math app and think this humorous and sophisticated Education app is well worth the $1.99 app price to stimulate my mind and keep it sharp.



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Quick Math - Arithmetic & Times Tables



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