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SAS Zombie Assault 3 HD Update..More Awesomeness!

SAS Zombie Assault 3 HD is easily one of the “Best Shooter” games for the iPad. This “Zombie Shooter” has been updated, featuring Russia (a new game region), an armor store, the ability to play your own music, and best of all….blood and corpses do not decay! If you have never played SAS Zombie Assault 3 it is a top down zombie shooter game with several single and multiplayer game modes. This game is also cross platform working on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices (download links below).

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New to SAS Zombie Assault 3 HD is the Armor Store with plenty of new items (pants, vests, helmet, and gloves) to buy and upgrade. There is also a new game region, Russia. This game region has opened up new gameplay in the various game modes for more zombie shooter fun. You can watch our quick SAS Zombie Assault 3 HD Updated app video review to see what has been updated.



This app and the developer, Ninja Kiwi, have one of the very best advertising models of any iOS or Android game. They give back to you (the player) with loads of Free “SAS Cash.” All you have to do is download an app offer and open the app. Yes, this can be a pain, but most app ads are for good apps and you usually get 85,000 in SAS Cash. That SAS Cash goes a long way helping you get weapons, ammo or upgrades.



SAS Zombie Assault 3 HD is a great game whether you’re playing on the iPhone, iPad or Android devices.


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