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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 – Massive Waves Of Zombie Attacks!

When you’re outnumbered you better fight for your life, and that’s what you’ll do in SAS: Zombie Assault 3, a top-down shooter featuring 9 types of deadly zombies, 5 maps, 40 un-lockable ranks, and 37 plus weapons at your disposal in this free multi-player shooter game.

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As far as shooter games go, this is currently one of my favorites. The main reason for this is the lightening-fast connectivity for co-op multi-gameplay, the massive amount of weapons, and the price point — this app is FREE for both the iPhone and iPad. The game arenas are basically different locations like a carnival, farm house, and parking garage where there are plenty of openings for zombies to enter into. But, all openings start boarded up and it is up to you to repair them after the zombies destroy them (as they enter into the game board you are playing) in search of your virtual fresh brains. Thankfully, there is a vast number, variety, and quality of weapons you can wield to blow the pesky zombies away. Rifles, handguns, machine guns, explosives, and some of these will be provided for you as a present, wrapped in a white box with a red bow — be sure to grab these whenever you see them on the game board.


The game can be played solo, multi-player (co-op) or private match, and there are bonus daily missions that you can be played as well. The main goal is to stay alive while blowing away as many zombies as you can and climb the ranks (military style). This of course will make you want to play more often, especially when playing multi-player co-op, as you do not want to be the lowest ranking goon in the squad. One tip: when playing multi-player, the zombies come out in much larger numbers, like swarms, so I suggest unless you have some really awesome firepower you better stay close to another player and watch each other’s backs. This game is FREE, but you will find that you may want to fork out a little cash to increase your firepower — totally up to you, but you can play for FREE just as well. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app review for a look at this awesome FREE game. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

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