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The SatFinder App for iPhone Helps You Setup A Satellite Dish Quick!

SatFinder is a handy iPhone app that helps you set up your satellite dish wherever you may be. Many of us have found ourselves perched on a roof, on a ladder or some other position trying to get our satellite TV dish to work.

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satfinder app review iphone


The instructions seem easy enough, just point and set. Not so fast, you have to account for elevation, azimuth while adjusting your satellite dish if you want to get the right signal. The cool thing is the SatFinder app does the hard part for you helping get a lock onto the correct signal for your satellite TV service.

Personally, my experience setting up a TV satellite dish was as follows: I would get on the roof and adjust the dish with some basic idea of where the correct angle is for the satellite. The rest of the set up is me yelling to to someone in the house “Is the signal coming in?” and so on, until either success or frustration.

SatFinder was easy to use and is a much better way of finding the correct TV satellite coordinates than blindly pointing the satellite dish into the sky.

SatFinder App Features

Set up satellite antennas correctly in seconds. This is made possible
by the SatFinder for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4(S) and the new iPhone 5.

The SatFinder makes it possible to quickly calibrate any TV satellite
antenna in four easy steps:

1. Set the height and width of the satellite antenna.
2. Choose a TV Satellite.
3. Test if there is a direct line to the satellite.
4. Measure and set the azimuth and elevation.

Get SatFinder. It’s the easiest way to configure your satellite antenna.

Warning: this app requires GPS, the compass, the accelerometer and the videocamera.
This is why this app will only work on the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4(S) and the new iPhone 5!

What’s new

– new design
– new sat-table
– minor bug fixes
– improved accuracy

sat finder app review


Download SatFinder App Now

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