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Save My Telly – From Wind, Rain, Even Aliens!

Save My Telly (by Behold Studios) is all about sheltering your most prized possession (the telly) in this unique physics-based action puzzle game featuring 4 levels, 60 objectives, 8 natural disasters, and 9 protective items at your disposal. This game was proudly created by indie developers who code “on tables of a coffee shop” and in a mere 2 months. The objective is simple, your favorite item in the whole wide world is your Telly (in this game — stay with me) and you must protect it through the 4 levels and 60 objectives to complete the game. However, there are 8 natural disasters ranging from rain to aliens that will create many challenges to keeping your television safe; yes, a bit tricky — not impossible.

Save My Telly iPad Game App ReviewSave My Telly iPad Game App Review

Your day begins with a weather report from a rather dapper-looking pig who provides you with a symbol of the next impending disaster (doom) so you can prepare accordingly. You prepare for each disaster in between days by purchasing items ranging from stray bails of hay to steel beams (the serious stuff). But, this stuff does not come cheap, so you’ll want to earn cash and stars by keeping your telly safe and by completing objectives. Save My Telly is definitely a unique and pleasurable casual game that has just the right amount of difficulty to challenge you in the gameplay, but brace yourself because you’re going to have to be in it for the long haul to complete this game. As a side note, there is an update coming soon that will provide even more levels/objectives, protective items, and ways to be scored. To check out the wind, rain, and aliens, be sure to watch the video app demonstration below for a full walkthrough of this application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Save My Telly iPad App Details

Title: Save My Telly
Price: $0.99
Size: 32.2 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Behold Studios Jogos Eletronicos LTDA ME
Store: iTunes App Store

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Save My Telly - Behold Studios Jogos Eletronicos LTDA ME

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Save My Telly iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Save My telly is an action puzzle game where you need to stack materials and use skills to protect a TV set from natural disasters, such as wind, rain, earthquake, meteors, grasshoppers, aliens and others. This game has its own way of creating an endless gameplay, with amazing physics interaction, challenging objectives, stars, different levels, exciting items to unlock and skills to use. A tons of content and updates to come. Watch the video, and be amazed with the fun!

Instead of destroying things, this is a game where you protect what you love from getting broken by natural disasters, sheltering it in constructions made of wood, stone and other materials. A whole new experience each time you play!

– 4 amazing levels
– 60 challenging objectives that keep you coming back for more
– 9 different items to protect your TV
– 8 exciting disasters, such as rain, wind, meteors, aliens…
– Use skills glue, repair and screw to build a stable house
– A lot of hidden stars!

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