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Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game – What Is Out There?

You’re gonna have to use your brains, strategy, and 30 upgradeable defensive towers to defend your space colony against the 7 tough invading alien types found throughout the 25 levels of intense and fast sci-fi gameplay in Celestial Defense (by GameCell). This 3D Tower Defense (TD) game is a bit different than most TD iPhone/iPad games with its futuristic sci-fi game board. The TD gameplay is familiar, but the enemies and towers surely are not. As in all TD games, you are put into the position as defender of something. In this one, you defend your space colony (that is harvesting power), and the bad thing is the aliens don’t like it and are coming to get you. This game features 2 game modes, a Quick Play mode with 22 very challenging levels that are played one at a time with a level win unlocking each next level. The other challenging game mode is Campaign which requires more strategy to successfully complete the 25 levels in this game mode, especially once you get past the fist few levels.

Celestial Defense iPad App ReviewCelestial Defense iPad App Review

There is an almanac to help provide you with intel about each alien which will make your turret selection during load out a bit more informed. There is also an almanac that describes each defensive turret you currently have. A very cool feature in this game is the absence in app purchases. Rather, to unlock stronger generators to increase power output (how you build turrets) and other defensive turrets (which can be found in the armory), you use a second form of power that comes from some of the aliens that you kill in the form of a beautiful green orb — be sure to tap on these to take advantage of this free in app currency. Celestial Defense is an intriguing, futuristic Tower Defense game that is no easy “walk in the park,” but also isn’t so tough that you’ll lose interest and become frustrated. Celestial Defense features excellent graphics and Sci-fi sounds to make the whole alien experience authentic and enjoyable. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Celestial Defense iPad App Details

Title: Celestial Defense
Price: $0.99
Size: 149.7 MB 8)
Category: Games
Developer: GameCell
Store: iTunes App Store

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Celestial Defense - GameCell

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Celestial Defense iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

The Epic 3D Tower Defense game you have been waiting for!

“Celestial Defense Gives You Tower Defense Gaming With A Different Point Of View” –

The year is 2185 and humans have colonized asteroids at the edge our galaxy in order to harvest their resources. Defend it against an alien invasion that has figured out a way to teleport using our own portals. Stop them before they attack the main power core and steal its’ energy. Once it’s destroyed, all the resources in the mining colony will be lost. Beef up your defenses and safeguard your resources to stop the invading aliens from plundering your resources.

Gameplay Trailer –

• Universal app (Works on IPhone, IPad and IPod touch)
• Beautiful 3d Environment
• Fast Game Play
• 25 unique Levels and more coming soon
• Use strategy and speed to manage resources and towers
• Over 30 upgradable Defense towers to extend your gaming enjoyment
• 7 Different Enemy Types
• Utilize your power generators to stock pile resources
• Retina Display Support
• Leaderboard & Game Center Support

Celestial Defense supports iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPod Touch 3rd generation 16gb and higher.

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