Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity, Fun iPad Science App For Kids

Science App for iPad Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity

Introduce your school-aged kids to the exciting world of electricity and magnets with the Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity app by NCSOFT. This new and interactive Education app features silly characters and animations, hands-on videos, mini-games and more to get your kids interested in this area of science. The Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity app presents Physics in a fun and engaging format that will educate and entertain young students in the classroom or at home as they discover how magnets and electricity play an interesting and important part in our everyday lives.

Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity App Overview

This iPad Education app was created for kids 9-11 years of age and can be used as a fun educational learning tool for the classroom or at home. Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity presents the interactive learning in 4 main parts: Learn, Experiments, Glossary, and Mini-Games. Kids are sure to enjoy the colorful graphics, fun animations, catchy music, and entertaining games. Parents and educators will appreciate the professional female narrator who leads students into the topics of magnets, electricity, and electromagnets; as well as the kid-appealing content that is informative and interesting. This includes the real hands-on experiment videos that explain and show scientific concepts in action.

iPad Science App For Kids

4 Fun Areas To Learn In

The Learn section provides an opportunity to explore and review topics all together or isolate them into specific concepts found in these sections: All, Magnet, Electricity, Electromagnet. These scientific topics cover magnetic force, magnetic attraction and repulsion, as well as electrons, atoms, static electricity and more. In this section, kids will learn through animated slideshows, short quizzes, and experiment videos that bring concepts to life.

The animated slideshows feature silly cartoon characters that walk kids through each scientific explanation, followed by a short 3-question quiz to test learned knowledge, and reinforced by watching applicable video experiments. These professional hands-on experiments can be done at home or in the classroom for fun memorable learning.

This science app features a handy and informative Glossary of terms. The A-Z Physics Glossary is segmented into 4 main parts: All, Scientists, Aha, Bookmark. Kids can scroll through the 175+ definitions to find information for any term they’re curious about. Along with each definition is an animated illustration to keep the learning engaging. Your kids will learn terms for things like static electricity, neutrons, metal detectors, and lightening rods.

Learn About Science with the iPad Science app Meet Science

The vocabulary Glossary takes kids beyond scientific terms with a quick introduction to 13 famous scientists such as Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb; and James Watt, the inventor of the steam engine. The Glossary also comes with an “Aha” section that your kids can venture into for some surprising discoveries. Here they will find out about the smallest and biggest magnets in the world, the secret of how Christmas lights work, as well as more interesting ways that magnets and electricity are used in our everyday lives. Did you know that there are tiny magnets inside dollar bills? Or that you can bend water with electricity?

iPad Kids How to Science App Meet Science

And for the opportunity to put real science to work, there are 15 different experiments to explore in the Experiments section (All, Magnet, Electricity, Electromagnet). Kids can watch, learn, and participate in hands-on experiments (with supervision) to test theory and results. Each experiment gives your kids an opportunity to guess what the result will be before seeing the result. Experiments come with Summary Notes that outline the concept being tested, steps to complete the experiment, and result summary for discussion and reinforcement.

Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity iPad Science App

This science app also has 3 exciting Mini-Games: Pop Pop! Lights On!, Bounce Bounce – UFO!, and Tap Tap Connect the Circuit. These fun-themed educational games reinforce the overall scientific concepts learned as kids use magnetic fields to defeat aliens, identify conductors and non-conductors to turn on lights, and are challenged to identify specific parts to complete a circuit diagram puzzle.

Overall Value

The Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity app fosters scientific thinking and curiosity as kids explore and learn the fundamental concepts of Magnetism and Electricity in a way that no paper text book can.

NCSOFT has provided some promo codes for a few lucky readers to download this iPad Education app for free. These promo codes are first come, first serve. For everyone else, this new science app can be downloaded using the iTunes link below.

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