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Stupid Silly Scream Soundboard, iPhone App (Video)

This scream soundboard app, Screams and Screaming People Sound Effects, is a perfect iOS Entertainment app for practical jokes. This stupid silly app gives you 6 different loud screams to annoy others and have a little fun at the same time.

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Screams and Screaming People Sound Effects is nothing special, but used properly can be a whole lot of fun. I grabbed this scream soundboard app while perusing the new free apps. This Entertainment scream soundboard app only has 6 scream sounds, but they are quality scream sounds. You’ll hear screams from: a child, demon, woman, man, shrill, and girls. The variety of screams in this app are very loud, crisp and the perfect length. So you might be asking yourself, “How could I use this app, CrazyMike?” There are a bunch of different ways to pull off some rather funny practical jokes with this app.



You can use this iPhone app on people sleeping, in quiet places when you want to cause a disturbance, and as a security measure when walking to your car. Use your imagination. Just remember, a well placed scream can be priceless, better yet, grab a picture at the same time and it lasts forever!

This scream soundboard app is a “free teaser” app by Appdictive Media, the makers of numerous other soundboard apps.




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