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Secure Folder PRO for iPhone – Intruders Beware!

Secure Folder PRO (by iDevMobile Tec.) is a pretty sneaky application with all its safety and decoy functionality; this app protects your photos, videos, passwords, credit card information, and more. This iOS utility app not only protects your files, it provides an additional fake password that if accessed shows the intruder an exact look-alike of the inside of the app, minus your files and certain settings for obvious reasons. But, for the real protection, you can use either a dot lock or traditional 4 digit pin code to secure your files before you or anyone you trust with the secret code is able to access them. One key security feature is that each time you leave the app it closes down, requiring the password to be entered in to access the app, kind of a no-brainer, but absolutely necessary. Once inside the app, you can save photos, videos, contacts, notes, website links, credit cards and passwords in a well laid-out category setup. There is also a WiFi upload feature that allows you to connect with a computer to transport photos back and forth easily.

Secure Folder PRO iPhone Utility App ReviewsSecure Folder PRO iPhone Utility App Reviews

The coolest feature I found in this application was the intruder alert “fail login” image and GPS capture. Here is how this works: the intruder tries to access your iPhone Secure Folder PRO app and puts in the wrong code. Immediately, a photo is snapped and the GPS coordinates are captured, obviously as long as you have location services activated. I tested this feature numerous times and found it to really work and be accurate. Once the offense has happened, when you go to open the app you will see a red number on the bottom navigation tab indicating an intruder alert; tap on that button to get all the incriminating details. Secure Folder PRO is the perfect app to keep files, contacts, and websites in a private area without fear of this information being compromised, that is unless you share the dot code or pin code with someone — best to use common sense there. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Secure Folder PRO iPhone App Details

Title: Secure Folder PRO
Price: $0.99
Category: Utilities
Size: 7.2 MB
Developer: iDevMobile Tec.
Store: iTunes App Store

Secure Folder PRO iPhone App Download Link

Secure Folder PRO - iDevMobile Tec.

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Secure Folder PRO iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
– Choose between Dot Lock & Keypad Code!!
– Identify intruders with Photo & GPS!!

The ultimate secret storage solution for all your Photos, Videos, Contacts, Notes, Credit Cards and Passwords. Offers you a secret web site bookmarks and private navigation system without history track ( Incognito ).

Main Features

✓ Provide perfect security with a hi-encrypted passwords
✓ Decoy Safe (A completely separate storage area to trick nosy intruders).
✓ Discrete unassuming Icon – looks just like a regular folder
✓ Use the camera to create and save private photos from within the app
✓ Credit Card and data secure storage with high cryptography.
✓ Work great with high-speed response, high resolution and simple operation
✓ Ability to Import AND Export Photos and videos to or from Mac/PC
✓ Wi-Fi web access for importing a large number of photos
✓ Create albums to organize photos and videos
✓ Support emailing photos and videos
✓ Full HD Image and Video Support
✓ Export photos and video back to public albums

– Third-party app are not allowed to delete photo or video in native library. You have to delete them yourself after importing.
– All information is stored only in device.

What’s new

– Bug Fixes

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