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Annoying Christmas (iPhone app, by Baboonix LTD) allows you to create your own personally annoying video Christmas greeting cards in about as much time as it takes to actually say “Merry Christmas.” Tired of the same old eGreeting cards? Spice up Christmas and annoy someone today with 5 different holiday objects that can be turned into annoying talking objects capturing your own eyes and mouth movement to send your special Christmas or holiday greeting.

annoying Christmas iphone app reviewannoying Christmas iphone app review

Fire up this app, choose your Christmas object, then select your own video clip or create one with the app, but it will have to feature a face to work. The app provides a facial outline to ensure you shoot good footage when using the in app camera video capture function. Once your video clip is selected tap choose, the video is compressed and you can change some colors on your object, then press ok and your very own annoying Christmas card will be converted and ready to save to your camera roll for sharing via email or SMS or you can upload to the Annoying Christmas YouTube channel. Annoying Christmas is a great way to inject some fun into this Christmas season with your very own take on an annoying Christmas greeting card. Annoy someone today, of course all in good fun. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Annoying Christmas iPhone App Details

Title: Annoying Christmas
Price: $0.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 11.5 MB
Developer: Baboonix LTD
Store: iTunes App Store

Annoying Christmas iPhone App Download Link

Annoying Christmas - Baboonix LTD

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Annoying Christmas iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
********** MERRY CHRISTMAS **********
Aren’t you tired of sending the same boring Christmas card every year? ? ?

This year it’s your chance to surprise everyone with a unique and ANNOYING Christmas card!

Create COOL and FUN videos with “Annoying Christmas” App.

This great app takes a video of your face and puts it on a funny Christmas object!

How does it work?
Select the object —-> Shoot the video —> and… THAT’S ALL ! ! !
We’ll create the awesome video for you!

So, what do you want to be :
A surprising Christmas present?
A red Santa’s cap?
Or maybe a Cool Snowman?

Choose your favorite object and share your AMAZING Christmas cards with EVERYONE!
See even more crazier videos from other users created around the world and rate the ones you like !

***NOTE: this app supports iOS 5 devices only***

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