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Sentinel 3: Homeworld, Massive TD Gameplay, Kindle Fire

Sentinel 3: Homeworld (by Origin8 Technologies Ltd.) is a science fiction tower defense game where you battle against alien enemies throughout the 20 levels, with 20 un-lockable turrets, an upgradeable commander, customizable weapons, endless playing modes, and much, much, more. This game has more game content than most “Tower Defense” games on the Amazon App Store that are available for the Kindle Fire, and this game is rated higher than most.

When I started to prepare for the video app review for this app, I actually had to put it off for a few days due to the massive amount of gameplay in this game. The game comes with 20 levels, and all the gameplay revolves around these 20 levels, but there are a number of game modes (Campaign, Endless, Classic), as well as 4 difficulty settings for Endless game mode and 4 difficulty settings for Classic, not to mention 2 separate styles to play in the Classic game mode. As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of replay value, but one must consider whether the game is worth it in the first place? Yes! This Tower Defense (TD) game has a space-age theme with consistent defensive turrets, which can be upgraded 3 times, and additional Sentinel units that provide extra defensive support which are purchased for a price, and can be selected (if you have purchased them) during the load out phase before any level. A bonus in this game is the Commander who is an extra weapon and has attributes that can be upgraded and other special skills that can be added.
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There is a lot to this TD game, actually more than meets the eye, and a bunch of gaming fun that will keep you busy as you try to master all of the different game modes. During my testing I only touched upon the surface of the game unleashing a few of the many turrets (laser,bomb), as well as a sentinel rocket unit, and 1 special commander skill. Sentinel 3: Homeworld played great on the Kindle Fire both in performance and graphics, and I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for an entertaining and fun game or excellent TD game for their Kindle Fire. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

Sentinel 3: Homeworld Kindle Fire Android App Details

Title: Sentinel 3: Homeworld
Price: $1.99
Category: Casual
Size: 15.6 MB
Developer: Origin8 Technologies Ltd.
Store: Amazon App Store

Sentinel 3: Homeworld Android Kindle Fire Android App Download Link

Sentinel 3: Homeworld – Amazon App Store

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Sentinel 3: Homeworld Android Kindle Fire Android App Developers Description

Sentinel 3: Homeworld is another exciting installment of the Sentinel sci-fi tower defense series. Your forces can finally take the fight to the alien homeworld. Launch a massive arsenal of weaponry to take care of enemy troops. But you can also get up close and personal on the battlefield with your special power armor that can level up and gain new abilities as you play. Execute devastating attacks and support your defenses!

You’ll undergo a grueling campaign across 20 unique environments. Fortunately, you have over 20 unlockable turrets, orbital ship weapons, automated drones, and special abilities at your disposal. Customize your weapon loads in the Armory to match the demands of the mission.

Play in classic mode to compete for scores in a pure skill-based game, or try endless mode and see how long you can hold out! You can also connect with the OpenFeint network for achievements, global scores, friends, and more. View strategic layouts from the leaderboards to see how the best players think and plan. With exclusive music by Specimen A, and stunning graphics and FX in HD, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Your species is counting on you. Good luck, Commander.

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