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SHADOWGUN DeadZone, Excellent Multiplayer Shooter Game! (Video)

SHADOWGUN DeadZone, by MADFINGER Games features is an excellent online cross-platform multiplayer first person shooter game! This Free multiplayer shooter game will get your adrenaline pumping, has 2 game modes (Deathmatch and Zone Control), various weapons, items, and several game maps.



This game has Premium Play, which is basically a paid subscription for a certain period of time, usually in day increments. During active Premium Play time (when playing this multiplayer shooter game) you will get 50% more experience points, 50% more cash from kills, voice chat and premium server connections during gameplay. The graphics are fantastic, no wonkiness as far as melding into walls, and player game matching is for the most part perfect.

This keeps the playing field level, and when you see a level 20 player he/she worked his or her way up to get there. By the way, when a player reaches that level they typically have a really nasty weapon, which I found out just recently.

My Take on SHADOWGUN DeadZone, it’s a great game, has very good in app purchase (IAP) value, immersive visuals, loads of upgradeable weapons/items, and I play it just about everyday!

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