Shoot The Apple On Android – Just Like Ragdoll Blaster iOS!

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If you’re an Android only user, there is a good chance you may have never heard of the hit iPhone game Ragdoll Blaster (by Backflip Studios). Shoot The Apple (by DroidHen) while an awesome game, is not quite original, and appears to be an almost exact duplicate of the hit iPhone game Ragdoll Blaster, which featured a ragdoll being shot out of a cannon hitting a bullseye to solve each puzzle. While not original, Shoot The Apple is still a really fun FREE game filled with 150 challenging levels of ragdoll-like puzzle gameplay with the puzzle-solving objective to hit the elusive apple with your alien ragdoll.

Shoot the Apple FREE Android Game App ReviewShoot the Apple FREE Android Game App Review

The puzzles get harder the farther you progress, and while the first level pack is FREE, you are going to need to become very good at the game, earning a set number of stars to unlock additional level packs. If you can’t wait to earn stars, or are having a hard time, you can always purchase stars and remove ads through in app purchase. Shoot The Apple is wildly successful on the Android platform and I am sure Backflip Studios is steaming that they did not get their game out on this platform first — unless they are DroidHen, in which case kudos to them. Shoot The Apple is a fantastic freemium Android game that will keep you entertained as you try to shoot the apple with your limp ragdoll alien. Check out our other Android app reviews for more Android apps. Crazy Mike

Shoot the Apple FREE Android App Details

Title: Shoot the Apple
Price: FREE
Category: Brain & Puzzle (Games)
Size: 9.8 MB
Developer: DroidHen
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

Shoot the Apple FREE Android App Download Link

Shoot the Apple – Android Market

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Shoot The Apple FREE Android App Developers Description

Amazing physics game – shoot aliens to the apple!
Alien is falling love with the apple. In each stage, apple is hidden behind obstacles. Alien needs your help, with the great power of the cannon, to reach the apple finally!
How to play?
# Tap screen to shoot alien.
# Cannon power and angle depends on the touch point.
# Pass level if alien reaches the apple successfully.
# More than 150 challenging levels.
# Many themes: Mechanical Tree, Beach Fairy table, Snow Odd, Moon Time, Space Walk, Sax City.
# The less aliens you shoot, the more coin rewards you get.
Even more levels are coming soon!

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