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LAWLESS Shooter App, Awesome Arcade Shooting Experience For iOS (Video)

LAWLESS is a massive arcade shooter app that brings classic “arcade shooting” to the touch based iOS platform. This arcade shooter game is packed with “tap to shoot” gameplay, loads of weapons, an ally system, and monthly live events. But on the downside, it can get a bit repetitive.

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This iOS game reminds me of the old arcade shooting games where you used a gun that was attached to a cable to shoot your way through level after level. That same arcade shooter experience has been cleverly repackaged and successfully developed into a great arcade shooter app experience. You start out as a petty street punk in L.A. shooting your way to the top of your own syndicate family. Your enemies in this game are the cops and rival crime families, gangs and the like. There are various game areas, like banks, subways, parks, streets, but the gameplay itself is the same, which causes it to feel repetitive. But the mission objects do get harder the farther you play, reducing the repetitiveness. There are also loads of guns to discover and upgrade as well.

The LAWLESS App Video shows you how this game plays and provides some tips on how to earn the in app currency. Watch and enjoy!

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