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Waypoint Commander is an entertaining iPhone shooting game that feels like an indie-retro version of the classic R-Type games. The gameplay features endless side-scrolling shoot’em up action as you plow your way through space and 10 different flying enemy types.

Shooting App Waypoint Commander

Waypoint Commander’s retro feel comes across in the colored 2D graphics and enemy types that have a slight similarity to the enemies from arcade classics such as Galaga and Galaxian. And getting into the action simply requires you to tap to start a new game. You then have 5 lives at your disposal to survive as long as you can. There is only 1 control to play this shooting game, just touch the screen. This control moves both your spaceship and provides auto-fire for your weapons. In the beginning, enemies will come at you slow and weak, but the longer you survive the more enemies you have to kill, and the tougher they become. Although 5 lives seems like a lot, when you begin to lose them, they go very quickly. But, there are Health power-ups you can grab to gain back 1 life at a time.

Waypoint Commander iPhone App Review

Besides Health power-ups, you can upgrade your ship in a variety of ways. But, to do this you will need Space Bucks. Space Bucks appear on the screen after killing enemies so you will want to collect as many of these as you can during gameplay. You may also purchase Space Bucks and remove the ads through in app purchase. Upgradable items include bullets, drones, weapons and other items. Another nice feature this arcade shooter has is that you can keep 1 saved game.

Overall, Waypoint Commander is a fun-to-play iPhone shooting app that provides enjoyable retro shoot’em up gameplay for free! It has solid gameplay, is a good value, and is easily playable for free. You can download this Waypoint Commander iPhone game today using the link below.

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