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Shooting Showdown, Awesome Online Multiplayer FPS Game (Video)

Strap on your gun and shoot it out at the range with random online opponents in the Shooting Showdown multiplayer game, a free first person shooter app available for the Android, iPhone and iPad.

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The Shooting Showdown (target shooting) FPS game is extremely realistic and a lot of fun to play. You can play either alone in practice mode, with currently 9 different types of targets to blast. Or you can play other random online opponents in online multiplayer gameplay. There are several guns from a six shooter to tactical guns to unlock and upgrade along the way.

The best way to play this game is to first determine if you like the gyroscope controls or swipe to play. I personally preferred using the swipe while playing on the Galaxy Nexus. Afterwards, get to practice though the various game modes. Then grab your gun of choice and have some fun taking on some random peeps in this realistic virtual Shooting Showdown.

Shooting Showdown is a great game for a free-to-play and comes with plenty of value for free!


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