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Shooting Showdown-Free iPhone n iPad Online Match!

Looking for some fast paced iPhone or iPad gameplay? If you are — Shooting Showdown FREE for the iPhone and iPad let’s you challenge others online to realtime shooting matches playing a variety of shooting type games. This online match game uses Apple Game Center to quickly pair you up with an opponent. I found the speed of getting a shooting match going was fairly quick, but the matching of players was across the board. The game features 5 shooting games currently, with more in development. These are silhouette, plates, red light green light, metal targets, and a quick moving bullseye that are randomly selected each time you play. While online match gameplay is the best part of this app, you can warm up in the practice area playing all of the different game types for time, which is how the match gameplay is decided — most points per shooting match.

The FREE game comes with a standard gun and there are currently 4 others to upgrade to through in app purchase. I purchased the PP8 Pistol, which upped my ammo capacity to 40 rounds and increased my aim. There are 2 rifles and a 6 shooter as well. Reloading is a pain with this game as you have to place your device flat or horizontal and swipe down below your ammo on the upper right side of the device. This is a bit of a task with an iPhone — I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be with an iPad.

I found this game to be a really well done simple match shooting game. The graphics are nice, sounds are authentic, and the game connection time is also very good. The controls need a bit of work though. The gyroscope controls on any shooter game are always a bit too difficult, yet switching to the touch controls was even more challenging. The in app purchase while not horrible, left me only wanting to purchase the smaller gun — as I did not want to spend $3 or $4 for a gun. Overall, a very fun and heart pounding game, but if your opponent has a rifle and you don’t, you will probably want to give up. There probably should have been some type of logic in the game to correctly match players, but then again, maybe it is up to the player to decide. Give us some feedback on your thoughts about the game and be sure to check out the Shooting Showdown iPhone App Video Review for a look at how this game plays. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

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