OMG! A Fresh New Shorthand Symbols And Abbreviations Game

They’re an important part of our lives and we use 1000s of them every day. They make our communications faster and easier, and they’d be pretty hard to live without. So what are they? “They” are abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand symbols (AASs)! Think Apple, UFOs, DSW, YOLO, DNA, OMG, JFK and a whole lot more.



And now with the Name It! – The Answer to Triviality Education app (by Brian Green), you can become the gameshow contestant and test your knowledge in a brand new shorthand symbols and abbreviation game that’ll challenge you with lots of trivia like questions throughout this entertaining and fast-paced game.

In this free shorthand symbols and abbreviation game, you will be challenged to recognize AASs, choose the right ones based on question clues, put them into proper categories and answer topic related questions, all while trying to beat the clock and earn as many points as you can before heading off to the “think fast” Lightening Round. Be prepared to test your knowledge of abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand symbols for categories like: People, Places & Culture; Science & Tech Stuff, Sports Everywhere, Entertainment & Popular Culture, among others.



Name It! – The Answer to Triviality has 3 different timed game modes (with 3 different difficulty speeds) that you’ll complete before entering your ultimate challenge…the really fast 45 second Lighting Round. You’ll start by picking your favorite cartoon avatar to be you. In Round 1 of this shorthand symbols and abbreviation game, your job is to recognize and choose the correct AAS, based on the question given, to get as many AASs on your board for Round 2.

In Round 2, you have to drag your earned AASs into their proper categories. In Round 3, this is where you test your abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand symbols knowledge by choosing any category topic and answering 10 multiple choice trivia type questions about your AAS topic and stuff related to it. And lastly, you have the Lightening Round where you only have 45 seconds to answer 10 True and False questions about your AASs. And when you’re finished, you can brag and share your game score results with friends on Facebook.



If you’re looking for an iPhone and iPad trivia type game with a fresh twist, you’ll want to check out Name It! – The Answer to Triviality. You can download this free educational game now using the App Store link below.

Name It! App Features

– An entertaining and challenging game for players of all ages.
– Players who can answer questions on a wide range of abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols and their topics have the best chance of scoring a lot of points.

Key Features:
– A variety of different abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols
– Several “bridge” abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols
– Over 170 multiple-choice and true-false questions
– Lots of interesting information
– A lightning round with 10 new abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols

What’s new
– All new round: the Lightning Round!
– New content: more abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols than ever before!
– Boosts and bonuses (Power Lines) to energize your score!
– Facebook sharing features
– Player statistics

After You Play Name It!, OMG and YOLO Will No Longer be the Only Abbreviations and Acronyms in Your Vocabulary!

Download The Name It! – The Answer to Triviality Shorthand Symbols Abbreviation Game App Now

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