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Money Mayday, Fresh iOS Side Scroller Shooter Game with a Hip Hop Beat!

Shoot your way down the Las Vegas strip playing Money Mayday, a new 2D side scroller shooter game from Virtual Jungle. This fresh iPhone and iPad game features hip hop music, various guns, upgradable items, and hired fighters to help you out when things get a little rough.

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Before we get into the actual gameplay, I’ll fill you in on the backstory for this side scrolling game. Your name is Money and you’re the hero who is trying to stop “Big Bad Bobby” and the Pacmanny camp from taking over the boxing industry. But do you have the skills to beat all 3 difficulty levels?

iPad App Review for Side Scroller Game Money Mayday

Money Mayday Game Overview

Money Mayday is unique in the sense that it’s probably the first side scroller shooter/hack & slash game that features hip hop music along with a contemporary storyline in regards to bling, boxing, and bad guys! This free iPhone game, which plays and looks awesome on the iPad as well, features 50 levels of gameplay. Each level uses touch arrow controls and action buttons (mana weapons, sword, and gun) to move Money from left to right to complete each level. There are 7 different nasty enemy types that get tougher to beat as you continue to advance through the levels.

The levels themselves also become increasingly harder, and after a certain number of levels Money faces off against arch enemy – Big Bad Bobby. Big Bad Bobby has huge fists, oversized feet, and he packs a powerful punch. While you do battle with Big Bad Bobby, the enemies don’t stop coming. In fact, it seems as if they come out of the woodwork giving you a tough challenge. But Money has plenty of useful tools at the ready to beat back the enemies and Big Bad Bobby.

Money Mayday iPad app Review

Weapons and Power-Ups

Money is armed with a sword and basic handgun, but he can unlock a shotgun, machine gun, flare gun, as well as upgrade all weapons. There are also Mana bonuses allowing Money to hire fighters, use powerful weapons like “Meteor Attack” and “Nuclear Bombs,” and enable other items to thwart his enemies. Be sure to shoot and hack & slash everything in your path. Kill enemies for obvious reasons and take out slot machines, mirrors, arcade games, and anything else inanimate to gain power-up drops. Drops include health, ammo, and manna to help you amp up your attack power and heal Money if he gets hurt, which he will.

iPad App Review for the Money Mayday side scroller shooter game

How To Play Money Mayday

The mechanics of the game are simple, just use the right arrow to head towards the end of the level to take out everything in your way. Occasionally, you will need to use the left arrow to take out pursuing enemies. When enemies catch up to Money, they continually hack or punch him, so try not to stand in one place too long, especially if you are being attacked. You will want to upgrade your sword and gun, and be sure to buy plenty of ammo because it is not free. You can also hire fighters but only after boss battle levels, that is if you can successfully complete a boss battle.

While it does include some pop-up ads after level gameplay, Money Mayday is a great value overall and can be played completely for free. However, if you want to remove ads and donate to the developer for their hard work, you can remove ads for only $0.99. You can also buy coins to speed up weapon upgrades and mana upgrades. So download this iOS game below for free and find out how far can you get in Money Mayday.

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Developer: Virtual Jungle LLC
iOS iPhone Games Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 1.0
Money Mayday
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 05/08/2014
Hip hop 2D side scroller game featuring shooting and hack & slash gameplay.
3.5 / 5 stars

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