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Sight Words n Spelling – Customize & Personalize!

The ability to recognize high-frequency words starting at a young age will help kids build a solid foundation for becoming confident and successful readers. Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop HD (by SoGaBee), is an iPad Education app that teaches 240 common sight words through 3 different learning game modes (seeing, hearing and spelling) geared towards Pre-Schoolers, Kindergartners, and 1st Graders. This Education app also has the functionality allowing you to make your own custom lists and record those words, monitor and track your child’s progress, and for your child to earn reward trophies for perfect scores.

The graphics within this application are very simple but have an appealing quality, with a hint of amusement due to the periodic music heard throughout. There are 3 game modes: Flash Card, Word Challenge, and Spelling. Flash Card game mode allows kids to be introduced to the words and all 24 spelling lists are unlocked. Word Challenge and Spelling modes have 24 un-lockable word lists with 10 words each. In addition to the word lists provided, there is the option to create customized lists by naming the list, typing in individual words and then recording each individual word for the custom list, which will be used/repeated in the various game modes. I always love seeing these types of additional app features that serve a dual/triple purpose by being able to expand the app content (with whatever your child is currently learning), to add a personalized and comforting touch for the child by hearing a family member’s voice, and as a way to draw the family together in the learning process. The added customization that I think kids will love is being able to choose from the 3 different characters to accompany the different game modes (Pinku is a cute little girl, Draco is a semi-sweet looking dragon, and Stitch is the adorable rag-tag bunny).

Sight Words and Spelling with Pixopop HD iPad video app demoSight Words and Spelling with Pixopop HD iPad video app demo

Each of the game modes serves a different learning step. The Flash Card Mode introduces the word visually and says the word aloud (unless the Quiz Mode is on, and if it is, the child will have to tap on to hear the word spoken aloud). In Word Challenge Mode mode your child’s goal is to recognize the word after hearing it and then select the correct word from the 4 multiple choice words given. Along with the multiple choices, there is an outline shape/form (1 of the 3 characters) that fills in piece by piece when the child chooses the correct spoken word to eventually complete the whole character. The Word Challenge Mode is my favorite because it’s the most fun and engaging. The Spelling Mode is definitely the most challenging because the word is spoken, but is not seen, so there are no visual clues provided. There is a keyboard (ABC-type or QWERTY to choose from) in this mode and it’s up to your child to type in the correctly spelled word when prompted by the spoken word.

In the last 2 game modes, score keeping is introduced, along with 3 red flower icons (top of page), which are X’d out when a wrong answer is given. When playing in these 2 modes, once your child misses 3 words, the game ends with the option to start over again. I have to admit, the first time I heard the buzzing “X” (heard when an answer is incorrect), I was a bit surprised because it sounds a little punitive — but the many, varied, descriptive and affirming words for each correct answer given (bravo, marvelous, fantastic, excellent, sensational, spectacular, great job, etc.) more than make up for this. Words missed in these modes automatically go into the Tricky Word list (for both game modes) that kids can work on until they master the missed words. When they correctly identify a word on the list it is removed from the list. At any time, parents can check to see how a child is doing through the progress reports, which lets them know how their child is doing and indicates where they are stuck. Kids will earn trophies (black and white) for completing a Word Challenge list without missing any words, as well as correctly spelling all words for a Spelling List (colored trophy).

Overall, Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop HD is a nice app to introduce young kids to 240 common sight words seen in the English language helping them to build a solid beginning vocabulary and strong reading skills. Kids will enjoy the cute characters, and parents will appreciate being able to track and monitor their kid’s progress, as well as the option to add customized lists/words with their own personal audio recordings. To get a better look at this iPad Education app watch the Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop HD iPad video app demo in this blog post. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop HD iPad App Details

Title: Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop HD
Price: $2.99
Category: Education
Size: 21.9 MB
Developer: Marcel Widarto/SoGaBee
Store: iTunes App Store

Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop HD iPad App Download Link

Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop HD - Marcel Widarto

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Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop HD iPad Developers App Description

iOS iPad

** (4/5) stars: Bottom Line: Kids will love, parents will like..**

**Famigo APProved (4/5) stars: Sight Words and Spelling with Pixopop features a very cool and colorful looking interface..**

Join Stitch Bunny and friends and learn Sight Words in a fun and engaging way. This app will help your child learn sight words through seeing, hearing and spelling. The three different game modes (Flash Card, Word Challenge and Spelling), will guide your child through the different stages of learning the sight words. nThose stages are: seeing and hearing the word for the first time, recognizing the word and selecting the correct word in a multiple choice word challenge mode, and finally knowing how to spell the word in the spelling mode.

– Three different game modes (Flash Card, Word Challenge, and Spelling) that will progressively help your child learn their sight words.
– Create your own list and record your own word so you can add words that your kids get from their class room
– 240 of the most common Sight Words that are used in your child’s classroom, that are contained in 24 unlock able lists.
– View past results so you can monitor and keep track of progress
– Keep track of words that your child is having difficulty with during Word Challenge and Spelling Mode, automatically, through Tricky Words list.
– Earn a trophy each time a list is completed with a score of 100%
– No Ads, Social Media/External Links or In App Purchases
This is an application that helps your child learn the most frequently used English words without sounding the words out letter by letter. The game is simple, utilizing touch screen operations, colorful and comical graphics to persuade your child to play and learn. The game begins by selecting one of the game modes. Once a game mode has been selected, the user can select the list and the character that they want to play with.

In Flash Card mode, the user can see the word. If quiz mode is on then user will not hear the word until they tap on the word. The user can see the next word on the list by either tapping on the “next” button or swiping the screen.

In Word Challenge mode, the user has to select one of the four displayed words that match the word that they hear. Each time the user selects the correct answer, a new body part will be added to the character outline. If the user selects the wrong answer three times, the game will end. If the user selects the wrong answer, the word will automatically be added to Word Challenge Tricky Words list which is available from the Custom List selection screen. The word will be removed from the Tricky Word list when the user selects the correct answer when they encounter the word again. Once the game is completed successfully a next list will be unlocked. The first time the user completes the list without selecting a word wrong; they will be awarded with that list’s trophy in black and white.

In Spelling mode, the user has to spell the word that they hear by using the keyboard. The game will end after three incorrect spellings. When the word is selected incorrectly, it will automatically be added to the Spelling Tricky Word(s) list which is available from the Custom List selection screen. The word will be removed from the Tricky Word(s) list when the user selects the correct answer when they encounter the word again. Once the game is completed successfully the next available list will be unlocked. The first time the user completes the list without getting a word wrong, they will be awarded with that list’s trophy sticker in full color.

– Children who want to learn on their own
– Pre-Schoolers, Kindergarteners and First Graders
– Teachers or Parents who use flash cards

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