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Just say the word underwear and most people become uncomfortable. Kids, however love to say the word underwear, give each other wedgies (except girls), and generally laugh about undergarments. That is why the iPhone Kids App “My Underwear” is a great children’s app that is sure to keep your kid laughing. Beyond just laughing this application also has some teaching aspects (matching games), wonderful artwork by Todd Parr and jazzy music by The Hot Peas-N-Butter that make this a great iPhone kids app.

iphone kids app iphone kids app

The app consists of 4 parts: 1) underwear coloring 2) underwear animal match game 3) underwear action game and 4) underwear matching game. The coloring portion gives the user a chance to customize various (lots to choose from here) underwear styles with a coloring editor and sticker book. The stickers are all created by Todd Parr and are fun & games for sure. The matching games are different and good memory builders for young kids. The action game is a simple game where the user has to catch falling underwear using either touch controls or the accelerometer, good for fun hand eye coordination exercising. “My Underwear” is for children between the ages of 1 to 7 any older and they may get bored. I myself had a pleasant time playing around with this game and recommend it for any parent with a kid that laughs when they hear the word underwear :). CM

iphone kids app iphone kids app

iPhone Kids App Details

Title: My Underwear
Cost: $2.99
Category: Games (Kids)
Developer: Thumb Arcade
Store: iTunes App Store

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My Underwear - Thumb Arcade

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